are Chinese bug people or a great civilization?


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May 17, 2024
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They are a great civ in my view. History stretching back to 1000BC, A multitude of philosophical schools and viewpoints, Legalist, Confucian, Taoism, (Practical, Scholarly, and Mystic), tech advancement, creating an empire, etc.... I have seen some theories proposed by rw that the current Chinese population Han is not the same as ancient Chinese similar to India, communism making them way worse. I see a continuity between Confucian views and Chinese communism. But I would like to hear other theories.

I prefer the Taoist texts but it all is interesting to read about. They have an ancient classic called the I-Ching 1000-700bc that is a divination manual, literally how to throw plant stalks on the ground and get a fortune from the way they land. It has been reinterpreted by every successive generation of Chinese thinkers in new ways that on the surface do not seem to relate to the original point of the text. Similar to how the old testament has been commentated on by generations of Christians in a mystical manner that seems far away from what the writer intended.



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Nov 30, 2023
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The original Chinese don't exist anymore.

2 out of the last 3 dynasties of China were ruled by foreign conquerors. Let that sink in. TWO out of the last THREE. Even before the Mongols came along, the northern half of China was ruled by foreign conquerors for almost 700 years. In fact, the Jin dynasty that the Mongols conquered was already ruled by foreign conquerors (the "Jurchens") who themselves had replaced another dynasty of foreign conquerors (the "Khitans") to become the rulers of the northern half of China. Keep in mind that the northern half of China is the more important half, as it contains the original heartland of China while the south was originally a frontier land. The Khitans and Jurchens alone brutally enslaved the Chinese for more than 300 years.

Even the Tang dynasty, considered the golden age of China, originated from foreign-ruled dynasties. After the fall of the Han dynasty, the northern half of China was repeatedly conquered by various foreign invaders for almost 300 years during a time of total chaos and suffering. The foreign "barbarians" came in wave after wave, replacing previous conquerors and running a train of rape and destruction on the enslaved Chinese population. After suffering almost 3 centuries of nonstop rape by all those different foreign ethnicities, the Chinese in the northern half of China became completely mongrelized. The genuine "Han Chinese" were raped or race-mixed out of existence in the northern half of China by that point and only larpers with fabricated genealogies remained. Eventually, one of the northern barbarian-ruled dynasties conquered the rest of China and then transitioned into the Tang dynasty. The rulers of Tang were ethnic Xianbei mutts who larped as Han Chinese. The Tang dynasty may have been culturally sinicized, but most of its population—including the rulers and the elite—had already been racially mongrelized by hundreds of years of rape and enslavement by hordes of different barbarians.

In the middle of the multi-ethnic Tang dynasty, an Indo-European general named An Lushan started a civil war that has been called the second deadliest conflict in history after WWII. Some scholars claim that 36 million people died, or 1/6 of the world's population. Regardless, about 2/3 of China's entire population was killed or displaced. An Lushan tried to conquer all of China and even Indo-Europeans, Uyghurs, Tibetans, and Arabs got involved, raping and massacring the defenseless population of China and further mongrelizing the already mongrelized "Chinese race." This is the war in which 30,000 civilians were eaten during a prolonged siege. By the time the siege ended, only 400 civilians remained. Cannibalism has a long and continuous tradition in China, look it up. The Tang dynasty never recovered from this war and declined.

Once the Tang dynasty collapsed, the northern half of China was again conquered by foreigners. The Khitans and Jurchens enslaved, oppressed and exploited the Chinese for more than 300 years. The Jurchens were especially brutal. In the "Jingkang Incident," they captured the Song dynasty capital and massacred, raped and enslaved the entire population, including the royal family of China. The emperor himself and 14,000 elites were forced to march all the way to the Jurchen capital, where they all became slaves or sex slaves. The Jurchens ruled the northern half of China with an iron fist, but they were eventually replaced by the Mongols, who conquered all of China. The Mongols enforced a rigid caste system in which the "southern Chinese" were placed at the absolute bottom, below the "northern Chinese." The northern Chinese elites were not ethnically Chinese; they were the descendants of the foreign invaders who had repeatedly conquered the northern half of China for centuries. The rest of the population was a mongrelized byproduct of centuries of rape and race-mixing that irreversibly and forcibly changed the gene pool of China.

The Mongol Yuan dynasty was eventually ousted by Chinese peasants. The first emperor of the Ming dynasty was originally a homeless bum. After all that time being dominated by foreigners, the actual Chinese finally ruled all of China ... but not for long. Northern foreigners called the "Manchus" conquered all of China and established the Qing dynasty, which is the last dynasty in the history of China. The Manchus were extremely cruel to the enslaved Chinese population. They brutally imposed a national hairstyle called the "queue," which was essentially a circumcision of the head that symbolized Chinese enslavement to the Manchus. The Chinese resisted the "queue" fiercely, leading to a decade of gruesome massacres against them. Entire cities were wiped out. For almost 300 years until the end of the Qing dynasty, it was illegal to not have a "queue" upon punishment of death. The Manchus even had the most brutal and oppressive "literary inquisitions" in the history of China. A single word of criticism about the Manchus—even implied—from a single Chinese person would lead to his entire village being executed. "Death by a thousand cuts" was especially popular during the Qing dynasty.

Ironically, the "Han Chinese" are actually proud of their historical enslavement to the Manchus. Uncle Changs brag that the Han Chinese played an important role in the Manchu conquest of China and aided the Manchus in their rapes and massacres of millions of innocent Han Chinese. The shameless Han Chinese even boast that the Manchus were benevolent masters and worship Manchu emperors such as Kang Xi, proving without a doubt that the Han Chinese are a natural slave race, which is why Imperial Japan degradingly called them "chankoro," meaning "Qing's slaves." Manchu rule of China finally ended in 1912, but it's been well documented that for years afterward many Han Chinese were still terrified to cut their "queue" in fear of possible retribution by their former Manchu masters.

Take a look at a topographic map of China and see how flat and open the heartland is. China is begging to be invaded. Historically, China was the most invaded region in the world and the Chinese were the most subjugated people in the world. Despite outnumbering all their enemies, the Chinese were raped and massacred a myriad of times by a multitude of different foreign ethnicities. Even the Tibetans laid waste to China and sacked its capital. Never once having experienced a single moment of freedom in thousands of years, whether due to enslavement by foreigners or oppression and exploitation by their own central governments, the Chinese are an eternal slave race whose "national character" was described by Lu Xun as "a blend of fawning obsequiousness and slavish submission to power." Despite being the world's largest population, the Chinese have historically been and continue to be the most subservient people in the world, like slaves who are incapable of independent thought and action.

The original Chinese don't exist anymore. In fact, they stopped existing more than 1500 years ago. 95% of chinks call themselves "Han Chinese." It's a catchall term for all the chinks who've been mongrelized to the point of no return. The modern Chinese are the mystery meat of the human race and their gene pool is a giant contaminated cum rag that repeatedly absorbed huge gobs of impure barbarian semen for ages. "Barbarians" were considered niggers by the Chinese. Imagine being enslaved, raped and mongrelized by niggers for more than 1000 years. That's what happened to China. The Chinese suffered so much pain and hardship for so long that they degenerated into a soulless bug people, jaded and desensitized to the point of being devoid of all morality and human emotion. China has the most tumultuous and tragic history in the world. Don't be fooled by Chinese nationalists and propagandists who try to whitewash and glorify Chinese history.