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May 21, 2024
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***Start of Transmission***

Alright boys, CheesyGloypist69 here, and I am excited to report to you that the AFPAC roadtrip has COMMENCED!!!

Originally I was gonna do this on a status post but apparently there’s a 420 word character limit, so here we are. Cheesehead discrimination is real >_>

I intend on documenting the arduous 3 day road trip to and from AFPAC, strictly for the lolz. Also this forum is too slow and we need more motion. I’ve grown to really love this site in the last month I’ve been here and it would be cool to see more people doing daily content like this.

Anyway, with that out of the way, let’s get on with the report!

On the way out of California (state reveal btw) me and GleesyChoypist96 (my bro) passed a road to a town called Zzyzx, which was apparently some roadside hotsprings scam in the 40’s.

Really interesting history there, the name was invented and picked out by some Crazy Scammer Nigga for Marketing Purposes.


Fig. 1, The Infamous Haunted Road to Zzyzx

It’s way out in the middle of the Mojave desert and the only way to get there is by way of a miles-long dirt road. Rumor ‘round these parts is that the road is haunted by the souls of dead passers-by, but This Dairy-Based Reporter cannot confirm any supernatural sightings from beyond the Veil.

Here’s another cool thing I saw:


Fig. 2, the Sigma Truck, AKA my other ride

That’s all for now. The sun is beating down on us at an oppressive 103 degrees Fahrenheit, a precarious situation for a Man Made of Stinky Cheese like yours truly, but the roads are clear, the day is young, and morale is high. Next stop: Vegas baybee

I’ll leave you with a great song we just listened to in the car.

‘Til next time Turophiles…
…CheesyGloypist69, OUT!!!!

***End of Transmission***
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