1 step towards Total War: Ukraine assassination attempt on Putin

1 step towards Total War: Ukraine assassination attempt on Putin

At approximately 7:50 AM EST we were getting reports from sources that there was an incident at the Kremlin in which a Ukrainian drone tried to assassinate Putin, unluckily for them, Putin was not in the Kremlin this morning (since it was 3-4 am in Russia when the attack occurred judging from the night sky). No one was injured according to Russia.


10-15 minutes later it was confirmed by Russia that the reports were true and that Kiev did try to plan a attack and it was recorded on camera. From below.




Link to the tweet is here:




And confirmed by RIA (Russia’s main news company)


Of course this made serious headlines across twitter, it was a shock. How a Ukrainian drone could not only fly so deep into Russian territory, but reach the capital and plan an assassination attempt on Putin. Now of course one does have to wonder, was this was a genuine Ukrainian attack? i.e. Not involving NATO or the USA. Or was America and NATO involved in the attack? Supplying information, the route to use, etc.


I’d imagine Russia does know if it was the former, or the latter. Either way I personally think this is another escalation, whether its between Ukraine and Russia or NATO and Russia. Because there have been crazy attempts by Ukraine to provoke a response. Just last week Ukraine launched a drone attack in Sevastopol, Crimea and hit multiple fuel depots. On Sunday Ukrainian terrorists blew up railroad tracks in Russia’s Bryansk oblast bordering Ukraine, and yesterday a Ukrainian drone hit another fuel depot in Tuman, Crimea, near the Kerch Bridge.


Circles in red show the last Ukrainian attack that occurred last and this week



It remains to be seen whether Russia responds or not. It would be suicide for Putin if something like this happens and Russia does not respond at all, diplomatic and military suicide that is. But one thing I cannot fathom is how “secret” drones are to radar squads. This drone flew 340 miles (547 km) through Russian anti air defenses without being shot down.

And this doesn’t just pertain to Russia. Ukraine had and still has problems shooting down Russian suicide drones and tracking them (lancet, Shahed 136, Gerans). Late last year North Korea flew a couple of drones across the South Korean border and American air defenses never picked it up on radar until AFTER they flew back to North Korea. Drones have really been revolutionary in this current war and will probably be utilized in the future for suicide missions like these.




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