Opsec IRL

Opsec IRL

Dear Vendors,

The most dangerous part of operational security is leaving areas that are under your direct control. In your office spaces, you have absolute control about who can do what. In the outside world, that changes. Therefore it is of utmost importance that a lot of your planing and thinking is dedicated towards building secure transportation methods that you can rely on.

Easily the most important aspect is your appearance. It is important that you look normal and inconspicuous. That is easier said than done because many people who are bored out of their minds spend a good deal of time just thinking and contemplating about other people’s lives. That may seem strange to you, for, as a vendor, your life is a thriller and you are utterly focused on yourself. Other people did not make such intense choices for their own destiny. Their attention is drawn towards you like a moth into the flame. Always be aware of that.

Hide your flame from others. They should not see it. They should not feel it. They should not sense it.

To accomplish that one easy method is to observe the nature of people around you. Every city has its own culture. Become part of the culture by dressing in a way that seems normal to the locals. Speak like they do. That does not necessarily mean that you need to learn their dialect or accent, but that you blend in in such a way that does not irritate any one.

Part of the vending lifestyle is generating wealth. Do not carry your wealth outside of areas of your control unnecessarily. Many people engaging in shady business make grave mistakes by carrying unusual amounts of cash around with them. People notice that you have cash with you when you go grocery shopping. You don’t want to be that person. Your headquarters can be made out of pure gold if you secured it well.
Just don’t bring any gold with you when you leave it. You can wear silk and linen all you want in your headquarters, but when you leave them,
you should be at the same level of appearance as those around. Be average looking.

Another important aspect is not acting out of the usual. There are a bunch of different strategies you may employ. People who have a normal job don’t always look around, checking everything out, acting all sketchy. Don’t become weirdly aggressive when someone asks questions that would be harmless to a civilian. Have your simple answer ready about what you are doing. Don’t make it complicated.
Don’t act aggressively, don’t act suspiciously, don’t look around.
Create an identity. Create a character for yourself, build it and maintain it. It also helps writing the characteristics of the identity down in a text file so you do not accidentally leak your real persona. Keep practicing, think about the things you did wrong and record your own mistakes so you don’t repeat them. Think about the people you see regularly. What have you shared with them? What may they deduce from the information you revealed? Keep notes.
Always act like what you are doing is perfectly normal. That’s already half the rent. People have an eye out for people acting sketchy. Before go ahead and risk something, you should evaluate the situation. How many things do you have with you that can screw you? Ideally, the answer is zero. The next best answer is one. If the response is more than one, ask yourself why you have more than one thing with you that could fuck you up.

One golden rule of mine is: If you get caught, don’t get caught for more than one thing. If you are currently smuggling drugs, why would you also get caught with your data, for example? You should not commit more than one crime at a time and therefore only be caught for that one crime if shit goes south. All other information should be tightly sealed away. That also means that when you have a bunch of things stashed at your registered residence, you should not be committing any other crimes that could lead the police to raiding your place. Then you would be caught for more than one thing and you would be breaking the golden rule.
Don’t do that. Play it slow and secure. Fast money also gets you into jail fast.

Do not carry a weapon. Your charges triple if you are caught with it while selling any illegal substance and you will be in prison.
You’re a Darknet vendor. You should not be violent.

Use a burner phone that isn’t attached to your name.If found as evidence, say you found it on the side of the road and then stay silent. There are plenty of guides to figure out ways to make your phone secure. Ideally though, you don’t even need a phone to conduct business. With Tails or Qubes you have much more powerful and secure technologies at your disposal through a computer.
Even if your business partners wish to use apps, you can find a way to install those on your computer too.

Lawyer the fuck up. That also means leaving a deposit with them so they can take care of stuff for you while you’re inside and all your hard earned honest money has been stolen by a thuggish state that believes in taking shit away from people whose life choices they disagree with. Bring your people to your lawyer too. If you control the lawyer, you control the information. You don’t want your people using their own lawyers when they get busted. Their lawyers will tell them to snitch on you.

Know your rights. If you are in handcuffs, shut the fuck up. Don’t cry. Don’t beg. Any word you say past “I am requesting a lawyer” will pretty much erase any deniability you have.

Keep your stash off your property. Seriously. If there is a warrant come up empty, you’re pushed to the bottom of the investigation list and will not be in jail at the end of that raid.

Don’t tell anyone you’re close to that you deal. Your girlfriend is going to get you in prison. Your friends will be interrogated, as will your family. If they don’t know anything, you make a much better case for yourself.
Don’t turn private relationships into a liability. Don’t let old relationships haunt you years later. All your best friends today will be faint and distant people in a couple of years. They will tell their new best buddies about you, and before you know it, half the town knows what you are doing.

Don’t live with your girlfriend. Dealing is a life/career choice and it has requirements to keep yourself out of prison. This is one. Keep love and work life apart. I don’t care if you’ve been together 7 months and she is the love of your life.

Be aware that chances are you will be caught eventually. Have a strategy for when that happens.
What is your emergency plan? Do you have someone who can take care of shit for you?
Who is going to destroy all information? Are all data securely encrypted?
Have someone who can get rid of evidence. Ideally in such a way that your wealth does not get burned or flushed down the toilet.
Ideally all evidence is already stored securely, but that’s not always possible.
Talk to your people about your emergency plan and actually practice it.

Practicing your emergency plan is important. Theory and the real world can be infinitely apart. You will notice a lot of things you have not considered before when executing things.
You need to repeat and practice. Practice shit in the middle of the night. Wake people up. Be ready to roll. You are at war with the state, they are searching for you right now.
The only way to stay on top of them is to be more vigilant than they are.


I am Pygmalion, a small psychedelics vendor.

You may reach me via email at [email protected].
Please register your own E-Mail address for darknet purposes at http://oq7t5ihk4qew5t5s4zghicigokh2ktt575amirsbnilmyawpme6xmyyd.onion




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