Brandler Cuts Nicotine To Keep For Himself

Brandler Cuts Nicotine To Keep For Himself

From The Hill:

Just one month after publishing a rule to ban menthol cigarettes, President Biden intends to force tobacco companies to reduce cigarette nicotine content. Lower nicotine content in cigarettes can quickly be expected to increase cigarette consumption.

I think they’re doing this to help the economy. By cutting the nicotine people will have to buy more. This is harming the people as they will have to smoke more to get the buzz.

Nicotine is good for you if you need something to keep you straight in the head. I wouldn’t recommend it as being addicted to anything is bad and nicotine is highly addictive.

The thing about drugs is that the use of them can show you have autonomy. If you started smoking weed because you’re friends did it you’re a fag. If you tried it to experiment with its effects on your body than you are a real person with real thoughts. All drugs are different ofc but that applies to most.