Andrew Torba Attacks Incels

Andrew Torba Attacks Incels

How do you not get it at this point?

First off MGTOW was gay and cringe because it was all guys in their 30s-40s wanting to work trades instead of getting a divorce. Incels are generally a younger age group with a more defined culture because they realized if I can’t get a wife why should I do anything in this system? Many went further and have dedicated their life to destroying the current system, these are the chosen ones. Incels are the real Hebrew Israelite jews and the only one’s capable to take down ZOG.

Women are biologically evil and this system enables every urge they could conceivably have. You want to give your life to someone inferior and has all the power in the relationship go ahead. The divorce rate is almost 50%. The courts favor women. She doesn’t need you at all anymore. At any moment she can drop it all and leave perfectly unscathed. This is only if you find a woman that will date you and meet your criteria. Try finding a young white virgin.

I get how finding a woman and giving her 20 kids helps our birth rates but how does that make our current situation noticeably better? 20 more white people with no institutional power because they’re being raised the based fashy way (homeschooled). Most of your kids will probably believe the media narrative about you and rebel when they’re older. You’ve become a goy slave generator.

Men will find a wife when they’re ready. The strongest drive we have is our drive for sex. Telling men to have sex is unnecessary and speaks to your own feelings about women. You defend women because you want to protect mommy. Simple as.



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