Borat Jew Accuses TikTok of Creating Big Anti-Semitic Movement

Borat Jew Accuses TikTok of Creating Big Anti-Semitic Movement

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The Jews were no doubt quite upset that Osama Bin Laden’s 2002 “Letter to America” went viral across TikTok. That letter regardless of what you believe about it, was extremely anti-Jew and anti-Israel. It has helped turn many young people into anti-Semites. Sacha Baron Cohen the Jew best known for playing the Borat character lashed out at TikTok for helping create what he said could be the biggest anti-Semitic movement since the Nazis.


Hey Cohen, TikTok didn’t do that, you Jews did this through your insane and evil behavior. Did you think the world was just going to sit back and say nothing about your bombing of hospitals and mass murder of children in Gaza? Many people wouldn’t have thought twice about Jews if you hadn’t started doing that. Now they’re finding sites like this one because they want to know just what the hell you Jews are all about.

It’s also ridiculous for Cohen to whine about anti-Semitism when he’s been responsible for putting out films that have openly mocked Islam.


How is it fine for him to mock Moslems but wrong for people to criticize Jews?

Cohen’s statements further illustrate how the Jews are becoming more and more concerned about what’s going on. They’ve painted themselves into a corner and they’re starting to realize this. None of their old tricks are working and when they employ their old tricks it is only creating additional resentment towards them.

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