Daily Stormer Weekend Round Up #4 9/5-11

Daily Stormer Weekend Round Up #4 9/5-11

$lave’s Note: Looks like the Daily Stormer is down for some. Here’s a collection of featured stories from the last few days.

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Super-Rich People Building Underground Bunkers, Preparing for Total Collapse

Douglas Rushkoff: Physiognomy checks out. Greatest ally. Highly trustable.

Nothing that elites ever do could be bad, because there isn’t any conspiracies, so everything they always do is good, no matter what.

After all, these are the same people fighting for trans children and Ukraine Democracy. They are willing to freeze to death for the Ukraine. They will cut their sons’ dicks off. Well, they won’t do it, I mean, you will be doing it, but they’re the ones who make the choice.

Douglas Rushkoff, that Jew who writes about the sociology of a technocratic society of which you are probably aware of, writes for The Guardian:

As a humanist who writes about the impact of digital technology on our lives, I am often mistaken for a futurist. The people most interested in hiring me for my opinions about technology are usually less concerned with building tools that help people live better lives in the present than they are in identifying the Next Big Thing through which to dominate them in the future. I don’t usually respond to their inquiries. Why help these guys ruin what’s left of the internet, much less civilisation?

Still, sometimes a combination of morbid curiosity and cold hard cash is enough to get me on a stage in front of the tech elite, where I try to talk some sense into them about how their businesses are affecting our lives out here in the real world. That’s how I found myself accepting an invitation to address a group mysteriously described as “ultra-wealthy stakeholders”, out in the middle of the desert.

A limo was waiting for me at the airport. As the sun began to dip over the horizon, I realised I had been in the car for three hours. What sort of wealthy hedge-fund types would drive this far from the airport for a conference? Then I saw it. On a parallel path next to the highway, as if racing against us, a small jet was coming in for a landing on a private airfield. Of course.

The next morning, two men in matching Patagonia fleeces came for me in a golf cart and conveyed me through rocks and underbrush to a meeting hall. They left me to drink coffee and prepare in what I figured was serving as my green room. But instead of me being wired with a microphone or taken to a stage, my audience was brought in to me. They sat around the table and introduced themselves: five super-wealthy guys – yes, all men – from the upper echelon of the tech investing and hedge-fund world. At least two of them were billionaires. After a bit of small talk, I realised they had no interest in the speech I had prepared about the future of technology. They had come to ask questions.

They started out innocuously and predictably enough. Bitcoin or ethereum? Virtual reality or augmented reality? Who will get quantum computing first, China or Google? Eventually, they edged into their real topic of concern: New Zealand or Alaska? Which region would be less affected by the coming climate crisis? It only got worse from there. Which was the greater threat: global warming or biological warfare? How long should one plan to be able to survive with no outside help? Should a shelter have its own air supply? What was the likelihood of groundwater contamination? Finally, the CEO of a brokerage house explained that he had nearly completed building his own underground bunker system, and asked: “How do I maintain authority over my security force after the event?” The event. That was their euphemism for the environmental collapse, social unrest, nuclear explosion, solar storm, unstoppable virus, or malicious computer hack that takes everything down.

It’s funny how Jews use “climate crisis” as a euphemism for “societal collapse.”

It’s a crisis of the social climate, mayhaps.

Jews are such rats.

This single question occupied us for the rest of the hour. They knew armed guards would be required to protect their compounds from raiders as well as angry mobs. One had already secured a dozen Navy Seals to make their way to his compound if he gave them the right cue. But how would he pay the guards once even his crypto was worthless? What would stop the guards from eventually choosing their own leader?

The billionaires considered using special combination locks on the food supply that only they knew. Or making guards wear disciplinary collars of some kind in return for their survival. Or maybe building robots to serve as guards and workers – if that technology could be developed “in time”.

I tried to reason with them. I made pro-social arguments for partnership and solidarity as the best approaches to our collective, long-term challenges. The way to get your guards to exhibit loyalty in the future was to treat them like friends right now, I explained. Don’t just invest in ammo and electric fences, invest in people and relationships. They rolled their eyes at what must have sounded to them like hippy philosophy.

This was probably the wealthiest, most powerful group I had ever encountered. Yet here they were, asking a Marxist media theorist for advice on where and how to configure their doomsday bunkers. That’s when it hit me: at least as far as these gentlemen were concerned, this was a talk about the future of technology.

Taking their cue from Tesla founder Elon Musk colonising Mars, Palantir’s Peter Thiel reversing the ageing process, or artificial intelligence developers Sam Altman and Ray Kurzweil uploading their minds into supercomputers, they were preparing for a digital future that had less to do with making the world a better place than it did with transcending the human condition altogether. Their extreme wealth and privilege served only to make them obsessed with insulating themselves from the very real and present danger of climate change, rising sea levels, mass migrations, global pandemics, nativist panic and resource depletion. For them, the future of technology is about only one thing: escape from the rest of us.

These people once showered the world with madly optimistic business plans for how technology might benefit human society. Now they’ve reduced technological progress to a video game that one of them wins by finding the escape hatch. Will it be Jeff Bezos migrating to space, Thiel to his New Zealand compound, or Mark Zuckerberg to his virtual metaverse? And these catastrophising billionaires are the presumptive winners of the digital economy – the supposed champions of the survival-of-the-fittest business landscape that’s fuelling most of this speculation to begin with.

What I came to realise was that these men are actually the losers. The billionaires who called me out to the desert to evaluate their bunker strategies are not the victors of the economic game so much as the victims of its perversely limited rules. More than anything, they have succumbed to a mindset where “winning” means earning enough money to insulate themselves from the damage they are creating by earning money in that way. It’s as if they want to build a car that goes fast enough to escape from its own exhaust.

Yet this Silicon Valley escapism – let’s call it The Mindset – encourages its adherents to believe that the winners can somehow leave the rest of us behind.

Never before have our society’s most powerful players assumed that the primary impact of their own conquests would be to render the world itself unliveable for everyone else. Nor have they ever before had the technologies through which to programme their sensibilities into the very fabric of our society. The landscape is alive with algorithms and intelligences actively encouraging these selfish and isolationist outlooks. Those sociopathic enough to embrace them are rewarded with cash and control over the rest of us. It’s a self-reinforcing feedback loop. This is new.

Amplified by digital technologies and the unprecedented wealth disparity they afford, The Mindset allows for the easy externalisation of harm to others, and inspires a corresponding longing for transcendence and separation from the people and places that have been abused.

Instead of just lording over us for ever, however, the billionaires at the top of these virtual pyramids actively seek the endgame. In fact, like the plot of a Marvel blockbuster, the very structure of The Mindset requires an endgame. Everything must resolve to a one or a zero, a winner or loser, the saved or the damned. Actual, imminent catastrophes from the climate emergency to mass migrations support the mythology, offering these would-be superheroes the opportunity to play out the finale in their own lifetimes. For The Mindset also includes a faith-based Silicon Valley certainty that they can develop a technology that will somehow break the laws of physics, economics and morality to offer them something even better than a way of saving the world: a means of escape from the apocalypse of their own making.

Many of those seriously seeking a safe haven simply hire one of several prepper construction companies to bury a prefab steel-lined bunker somewhere on one of their existing properties. Rising S Company in Texas builds and installs bunkers and tornado shelters for as little as $40,000 for an 8ft by 12ft emergency hideout all the way up to the $8.3m luxury series “Aristocrat”, complete with pool and bowling lane. The enterprise originally catered to families seeking temporary storm shelters, before it went into the long-term apocalypse business. The company logo, complete with three crucifixes, suggests their services are geared more toward Christian evangelist preppers in red-state America than billionaire tech bros playing out sci-fi scenarios.

There’s something much more whimsical about the facilities in which most of the billionaires – or, more accurately, aspiring billionaires – actually invest. A company called Vivos is selling luxury underground apartments in converted cold war munitions storage facilities, missile silos, and other fortified locations around the world. Like miniature Club Med resorts, they offer private suites for individuals or families, and larger common areas with pools, games, movies and dining. Ultra-elite shelters such as the Oppidum in the Czech Republic claim to cater to the billionaire class, and pay more attention to the long-term psychological health of residents. They provide imitation of natural light, such as a pool with a simulated sunlit garden area, a wine vault, and other amenities to make the wealthy feel at home.

On closer analysis, however, the probability of a fortified bunker actually protecting its occupants from the reality of, well, reality, is very slim. For one, the closed ecosystems of underground facilities are preposterously brittle. For example, an indoor, sealed hydroponic garden is vulnerable to contamination. Vertical farms with moisture sensors and computer-controlled irrigation systems look great in business plans and on the rooftops of Bay Area startups; when a palette of topsoil or a row of crops goes wrong, it can simply be pulled and replaced. The hermetically sealed apocalypse “grow room” doesn’t allow for such do-overs.

Just the known unknowns are enough to dash any reasonable hope of survival. But this doesn’t seem to stop wealthy preppers from trying. The New York Times reported that real estate agents specialising in private islands were overwhelmed with inquiries during the Covid-19 pandemic. Prospective clients were even asking about whether there was enough land to do some agriculture in addition to installing a helicopter landing pad. But while a private island may be a good place to wait out a temporary plague, turning it into a self-sufficient, defensible ocean fortress is harder than it sounds. Small islands are utterly dependent on air and sea deliveries for basic staples. Solar panels and water filtration equipment need to be replaced and serviced at regular intervals. The billionaires who reside in such locales are more, not less, dependent on complex supply chains than those of us embedded in industrial civilisation.

Surely the billionaires who brought me out for advice on their exit strategies were aware of these limitations. Could it have all been some sort of game? Five men sitting around a poker table, each wagering his escape plan was best?

But if they were in it just for fun, they wouldn’t have called for me. They would have flown out the author of a zombie apocalypse comic book. If they wanted to test their bunker plans, they’d have hired a security expert from Blackwater or the Pentagon. They seemed to want something more. Their language went far beyond questions of disaster preparedness and verged on politics and philosophy: words such as individuality, sovereignty, governance and autonomy.

That’s because it wasn’t their actual bunker strategies I had been brought out to evaluate so much as the philosophy and mathematics they were using to justify their commitment to escape. They were working out what I’ve come to call the insulation equation: could they earn enough money to insulate themselves from the reality they were creating by earning money in this way? Was there any valid justification for striving to be so successful that they could simply leave the rest of us behind –apocalypse or not?

Or was this really their intention all along? Maybe the apocalypse is less something they’re trying to escape than an excuse to realise The Mindset’s true goal: to rise above mere mortals and execute the ultimate exit strategy.

So, look: you should be aware of what these Jews are saying.

And you should be aware that they’re not just saying it at the World Economic Forum – they’re just publishing it in The Guardian.

Of course, the WEF is not secretive anymore – they post all of their panels on their YouTube channel, and post all their white papers on their official website.

But publishing in The Guardian means they want the goyim to know – I guess?

There’s no other obvious reason.

Saying it’s about global warming – those rascals. It’s just almost too much.

Most Americans are Freaked the Hell Out About Brandon’s Red Thursday Speech

It’s hard to believe we’re not even a week out from that psycho speech by Brandon.

He’s probably going to kill us all, right? I mean, what in the hell was that?


More than half of Americans believe that President Joe Biden’s September 1 speech in Philadelphia was a “dangerous escalation” of political rhetoric, designed to “incite conflict” in the US. Republicans and independents are overwhelmingly alarmed by Biden’s words, and even 18% of Democrats agree, according to a poll published Tuesday by the Trafalgar Group.

Standing before Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Biden used Thursday’s televised speech to claim that “equality and democracy are under assault” by “MAGA Republicans” led by his predecessor Donald Trump.

According to the Trafalgar survey, 56.8% of the Americans saw the speech as “a dangerous escalation in rhetoric and is designed to incite conflict amongst Americans,” while 35.5% said it was “acceptable campaign messaging that is expected in an election year.”

Broken down by party affiliation, 89.1% of Republicans, 18.7% of Democrats and 62.4% of independents considered Biden’s speech dangerous and divisive. Only 4.7% of Republicans and 31.2% of independents thought it was normal, along with 70.8% of Democrats.

“When voters tell you they think that the prepared remarks of a sitting president of the US is a dangerous escalation and was designed to incite conflict, we are living in terrifying times,” said Mark Meckler of Convention of States, the group that commissioned the poll.

“Perhaps even more terrifying is the fact that a huge majority of Democrats think this was just a routine, election year stump speech,” he added.

Biden, who repeatedly promised to unify the country, “has become the most divisive President in American history,” added Meckler, whose group advocates a constitutional convention to further limit the power of the US government.

In the speech critics have branded the “red sermon,” Biden claimed that Republicans “embrace anger… thrive on chaos… live not in the light of truth but in the shadow of lies,” and have no respect for the Constitution, the rule of law, or the results of a free election.

Yeah, “The Red Sermon” is pretty good.

I think “Bloody Thursday” is better.

But like, this guy was saying everyone who doesn’t support him is a terrorist and he’s going to hunt people down.

I knew this was coming, but most people probably haven’t processed the gravity of this yet.

Erdogan Says Europe is to Blame for Gas Crisis, Turkey has No Such Problems

September 7, 2022

These are self-inflicted problems we’re dealing with.

The energy prices are as self-inflicted as the coronavirus hoax or the child trannies.

Jews do this on purpose.


The upcoming winter may turn out to be a tough one for European states and they themselves are to blame for it, warned Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan during a press conference in Ankara on Tuesday.

The Turkish leader told journalists that “Europe is reaping what it sows” when it comes to the natural gas shortages plaguing the region and that the countries’ attitude towards Russian President Vladimir Putin and the sweeping sanctions imposed on Moscow are to blame for the current crisis.

“I think that Europe will spend this winter with serious problems. Turkey, at this stage, has no such problems with gas supplies,” Erdogan noted.

Erdogan’s statement comes after Moscow warned of a looming “huge global storm” caused by the “illogical and often absurd” moves by Western nations. In a statement on Monday, the Kremlin noted that the sanctions imposed by the US, EU and other countries on Russia have backfired and resulted in a sweeping energy crisis as well as record inflation across the West.

Winter is coming, and the war is still going.

It’s gonna be a cold one.



Poland Declares They Want a War with Russia

Here’s the thing: Poland can’t go to war with Russia, because it is a member of NATO. If Poland goes to war with Russia, that means the United States, Britain, and Germany, among others, all have to join in. So instead of having an irrelevant war that no one cares about in Eastern Europe, you have a world war.

There is virtually no chance that if NATO went to war with Russia, China wouldn’t join in to aid Russia, because Russia has become a massive buffer state for China (in more ways than just geographically, though part of that is geographic).


Poland could end up in a military conflict with Russia within three to ten years, Deputy Defense Minister Marcin Ociepa told the Polish newspaper DGP in an interview published on Wednesday. Warsaw would need the time remaining before the supposed war to acquire as many arms as possible, he added. 

“There is a serious risk of a war with Russia,” Ociepa said, adding that the timing of this potential war depends “on how the conflict in Ukraine ends.”According to the official, it would ultimately depend on “how many years Russia will need to rebuild its military potential.” He did not identify any additional factors that could either increase or decrease the risk of a conflict. 

So the only factors are how the Ukraine conflict ends and how much military power Russia has when it’s over. There is nothing with diplomacy, or Poland’s relationship to Russia. And there is no interest in avoiding it. It’s just a matter of when.

Ociepa raised the issue while describing the “geopolitical reality” that was supposedly forcing Poland to rapidly increase its own defense potential. “We have to use this time for the maximum rearmament of the Polish Army,” he told the newspaper, as he defended what the Polish media called a “record” defense budget, augmented by certain “undefined” additional expenses.

Poland’s draft state budget for the next year entails record outlays on the armed forces, amounting to 97 billion zloty ($20.52 billion), Poland’s PAP news agency reported. Some additional funds for modernizing the army would be raised through the extra-budgetary Armed Forces Support Fund managed by the Polish state bank BGK, it added.

People should really be angry about this. What right does Poland have to commit us all to a war with Russia? They are effectively saying they are going to start a war by saying that it is inevitable, and we’re all going to get dragged along with them. Just like with the Ukraine, this is all about spite, about trying to do revenge for the USSR. That’s what drives these people.

Frankly, they never had a right to tell people to do these sanctions so everyone has to freeze. In the UK, they are doing game shows where they will pay your energy bills.


This is about Eastern European democracy, we’re told.

They’re not even making the argument that this has anything to do with the safety, security, or prosperity of the people paying for it, which is in some ways an entirely new kind of war. The Jews who run these wars used to at least have to tell you that it somehow benefited you – now they just tell you that it vaguely benefits people in some country you know nothing about and have no reason to care about.

Honestly, I’m in some way surprised that there isn’t more pushback in Europe over this. In America, people are still being told that it is the shutdown of the Keystone Pipeline that has caused a rise in energy prices. People here don’t even know that Europe exists, or they think Joe Biden is the president there also. Conservatives will argue with you if you say the war on Russia is causing these prices, and say it’s all Joe Biden. I say: “yeah, you’re right, it is all Joe Biden – he’s the one who declared war on Russia – just like he declared war on you, you fat boomer monkey.”

I have no idea if the average European supports this war against Russia like the average American does. I would think they don’t, but how is it possible they are not protesting?

A game show will pay your heating bill? This is ridiculous.

People will just tolerate absolutely anything. No one will do anything.

Fat, Drunken, Irish Leaker Steve Bannon Goes Down Over Embezzlement Scheme

September 9, 2022

Steve Bannon was planning to become the ruler of China.

Instead, he will become the ruler of… I can’t think of anything clever there.

Anyway, this is a part of this whole Jewish scheme to round everyone up, so I’m not going to gloat. But Steve Bannon is a scumbag who legitimately did bring a large element of criminality into the Trump sphere.

Daily Caller:

Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon blasted the “dying regime” as he walked alongside authorities in handcuffs Thursday.

New York state authorities indicted Bannon Thursday for allegedly defrauding donors to his non-profit group, “We Build The Wall.” Bannon and We Build The Wall are charged with two counts each of second-degree money laundering and fourth-degree conspiracy, and one count each of first-degree scheme to defraud and fifth-degree conspiracy.

ABC News Investigations reporter Olivia Rubin captured Bannon’s statement to the press as he walked away in handcuffs.

“For every conservative American, this is what happens in the last days of a dying regime,” Bannon told reporters in handcuffs. “They will never shut me up, they’ll have to kill me first. I have not yet begun to fight.”


Bannon and the company both pleaded not guilty to all charges, the Associated Press reported.

Authorities indicted Bannon, Andrew Badolato, Timothy Shea, and Air Force veteran Brian Kolfage in August 2020 with the same charges for allegedly raising more than $25 million into “We Build The Wall” non-profit, according to a Department of Justice release. Large portions of the funds were allegedly donated under the false pretenses that it all went toward the construction of the border wall. 

Bannon and Kolfage allegedly hid the misappropriation of funds by creating fake invoices and accounts to “launder donations” and cover up their crimes. The two routed donations from another non-profit run by Bannon which gave him $1 million in personal use and Kolfage $350,000 in personal funds.

He’s right about the “dying regime” thing. That’s true.

I think he probably did steal all that money, but everyone is constantly stealing money. It is illegal to solicit donations and then improperly misallocate funds, sure. But it’s incredibly hard to prove someone did that on purpose. Typically, someone would just overpay themselves, and funnel the rest of the money to friends. Proving they intended to steal is difficult.

Bannon is a boomer using computers, so it’s possible he created some totally traceable and provable evidence for the fraud. But even if that is true, the only reason someone would get indicted for this is that the government is out to get them.

I mean, I hate to constantly bring up Crooked Hillary, but her entire life was based on a gigantic money-laundering scheme, where she was actually involved in unambiguously pay to play.

I’ll pour one out for you tonight Steve, you fat Irish slob.

I Stand with the Queen

September 10, 2022

I’ve seen a lot of people attacking the Queen because she oversaw the end of the British Empire. I think there is probably something to say about that, actually – but it doesn’t even matter at all. Maybe the Queen could have been political, and maybe her being political would have been a good thing, but she wasn’t political.

Furthermore, the monarchy had been chained up since Oliver Cromwell, and the actual amount of power they had was questionable. Cromwell proved that the parliament can just kill the monarch, and that was something they had to keep in mind. The crown probably wanted to side with Adolf Hitler, and they couldn’t make that happen.

But it doesn’t matter either way. It’s literally irrelevant. The Queen, whoever she was as a person, remains a symbol of the British and of white people in general – a symbol of our previous glory. The blacks and Jews attacking her view her as a symbol, so we pretty much have to take that at face value.

I’m sure as hell not standing with these blacks and Jews attacking the Queen – that is disgusting to me. I’m never standing with the Jews on anything, as I’ve repeatedly explained – yes, I will stake positions based on not agreeing with Jews, and I don’t apologize for that.

Yes, there are conversations to be had about what the Queen could or couldn’t have done, what she did or did do, and what she did secretly or semi-secretly. I think it’s fine to have that conversation. But you don’t go out and condemn her after she died, standing with these undesirables. That is plainly gross.

I condemn every right-wing figure who is taking the opportunity of her death to attack her, and I condemn anyone hoping King Charles will fail. I think likely King Charles will fail. I don’t think he has the strength to stand up against these screeching mulatto females calling for an end to the monarchy. But we should all be hoping and praying that he preserves the throne.

Things are not always going to be this bad. Eventually, things are going to get better. When things get better, it would be good to have the monarchy intact, as a link between the present and the past. It would give the British, and white people generally, the moral authority to build a new political and social order. We can get that moral authority from something else, but there is no reason not to have the monarchy.

Prince William could be a based King.

He would play the same role in a right-wing society that Elizabeth played in a leftist society – he would just stand back and not ever say anything political, while providing moral authority to the nation.

Charles doesn’t look especially healthy, so we’re probably looking at a situation where William will take over around the time things start to shift back to the right, and we begin to physically remove some of these people from our country. This would be much better than a situation where Charles goes along with allowing these Jews and their pets to abolish the monarchy.

Joe Biden Signs Order to Continue 911 Emergency

September 11, 2022

Joe Biden can’t make these claims about freedoms anymore. He’s already said straight up that the only freedoms we have are gay sex, abortion, and child trannies.

Did you know we’re still in a state of emergency because of 9/11 – 21 years ago?

Because we are!


US President Joe Biden has renewed the national emergency declared by former president George W. Bush in the days following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 for another year.

The “terrorist threat” behind the attacks that killed nearly 3,000 people “continues,” Biden wrote in a Thursday memo published in the Federal Register, adding that the “powers and authorities adopted to deal with” the attacks “must continue in effect beyond September 14, 2022.” 

The 9/11 emergency declaration is just one of several Biden has extended this week alone. Also on Thursday, the president prolonged a national emergency he had declared the previous year regarding sectarian violence and human rights abuses in Ethiopia, while on Tuesday he announced the renewal of an emergency declared by his predecessor Donald Trump in 2018 regarding the threat of “foreign interference in or undermining public confidence in” US elections.

Yeah, good job signing that one, Donald.

That’s a real great job, signing declarations that you yourself are an emergency terrorist threat.

Great world, Donald.

Ever vigilant – like these cops that are protecting us from the Moslems who totally did 911.