Fed Informant Gavin McInnes Faked His Arrest

Fed Informant Gavin McInnes Faked His Arrest

Gen X cringe garbage. Like I said last time, his influence isn’t to be discounted. But he’s always been a guy that people watched because there wasn’t anyone else saying the things he was with his budget. He’s just Steven Crowder if he was a wannabe punk poser. This gay prank is not what the right-wing needs rn. For him to do this shows he doesn’t realize the severity of the situation. What does this “prank” do besides barely boosts his influence? Gavin is an enemy and has always been a filthy degenerate, don’t forget about that.

This man is responsible for starting a gang that has had dozens of members arrested and hundreds of lives ruined. You’d think he’d have some guilt over fucking over his supporters.

There isn’t even a punchline for this. No twist or anything to make it comical. Just a dick move at best and benefiting the state at worst.

He should kill himself while his legacy is still in some what of a good standing. Hopefully he’ll be remembered as a perpetual loser.

Owen Benjamin is awful too and betraying your friend sends you to the lowest circle of hell. This wasn’t bad enough to leak dms.