Fox News In Panic Mode After Failed GOP Debate

Fox News In Panic Mode After Failed GOP Debate

The whole point of the first Republican debate was so they could show off Desantis as the new leader and dump Trump for him. Well, it didn’t go the way they intended it to.

Trump didn’t show up since a candidate who’s been trailblazing everyone since day 1 doesn’t see it as worth his time to be around these losers who run solely on their hatred towards him. And Desantis didn’t become the beacon; he got trounced by Vivek as it became a fight between Vivek and Christie.

So what do you do when Trump’s interview with Tucker gets more views in a few days than the debate ever could? Well, just pull some paid polls and claim that Desantis is actually taking

Yep they got a paid poll from the Desantis propaganda machine and passed it off as a real poll. Safe to say the Community notes which they used to target Trump supporters a few months ago is now backfiring.

The writer didn’t even see he wrote that this poll came from a polling firm that works for Desantis.

Desantis bros are on the last legs.

The Trump is too far right failed, The Trump is not right enough failed. Sending Bitchell to debate Loomer failed and now the GOP debate has failed to unite the Never Trumpers on Desantis as Vivek rises to stardom.

You will see these guys cry as they watch Desantis and the other losers in the Never Trumper camp have to swear a endorsement for Trump at the RNC after a humiliating defeat.

Keep coping Desimps Trump isn’t going anywhere


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