GDL Protest Jews With Swastikas at Georgia Synagogues

GDL Protest Jews With Swastikas at Georgia Synagogues

The Goyim Defense League staged a protest against Jews outside of some synagogues in Georgia recently.

I have serious questions about the GDL.

The group’s leader recently did a stream with known federal informant Christopher Cantwell. This raises a number of serious and obvious concerns.

I do support people who choose to protest against Jews, but waving swastikas around like this has been tried before and it is a totally ineffective tactic. The Jews are actually using these GDL protests to successfully garner sympathy for themselves.

After the GDL did similar types of actions in Florida, Ron DeSantis used it as an excuse to fly to Israel to sign a law limiting protests against Jews. The Jews were very happy about this.

My larger point is that the Jewish problem can be protested and talked about without doing weird types of Neo-Nazism. Neo-Nazism has been regularly used by Jews to either make their opposition look ridiculous or in the case of the Ukraine, they bolster these groups and even arm them to attack their enemies. This is just a historical fact.

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