Georgia Color Revolution

Georgia Color Revolution

The Ukraine is not a nation and has never been a nation. It has always been a province of empire, with its boundaries arbitrarily redrawn from time according to administrative convenience. It has always been ruled, then as now, by satraps of empire who regard themselves as imperials, and the locals as mere expendable provincials.

Imperial policy is to use up every last Ukrainian against Russia. They are starting to run out. Next up, Georgia.

Georgia was color revolutioned, but the color revolution did not stick. Georgia is a real nation, with an ancient and glorious history of resistance to empire. Georgians want to remain Georgians, rather than be dissolved into homogenised brownish globohomos soup. They want to be part of Europe, and part of Nato, but do not want to pay the price of their history, the culture, their race, their faith, and their identity being erased, their statues of great men pulled down, their Churches destroyed or turned into shrines of Gaia and gay sex, their old and beautiful buildings bulldozed and replaced by demonic postmodern eyesores.

Tearing down statues and appropriating and repurposing sacred places and symbols is what the conqueror does to the defeated.

The color revolutionary uniparty was united on Europe and Nato, but when the bill came due, lost enthusiasm and is now suffering severe disunity on the issue, a disunity that is more within both branches of the uniparty, rather than between the two officially separate branches of the uniparty. The uniparty system of tweedledum and tweedledee parties looks as fake as it is when the big political issue of the day cuts within the uniparty.

There are currently twenty six thousand globohomo funded ngos in Georgia — though more likely three ngos wearing twenty six thousand hats. And they are working on a second color revolution with intent that the bill be paid with interest, and Georgia faggotized and thrown into the meat grinder against Russia.

I don’t speak Georgian, and I don’t know what is going on in Georgia. But I do know what is going on in the English speaking world, which is where color revolution are prepared and organised. “Georgia’s democratic backsliding” “Oligarchy”. “the Georgian regime” The British minister of Defence, in the course of bellicose warmongering speech announcing weapons and training for Ukraine, announces that Britain “will support the legitimate aspirations of the Georgian people” Perhaps in the same manner as Britain supported the legitimate aspirations of the Libyan people by bombing them flat. “If ngos are not allowed to operate freely we can predict the outcome of the next election in Georgia” Indeed we can. Perhaps Modi should take notice.

Georgians, it seems, aspire to being globohomogenized, and Britain will support their aspirations.

The usual suspects assure us that the bill requiring ngos to register as foreign funded is unpopular, and the overwhelming majority of Georgians oppose it, and support Georgia being converted from a nation to administrative unit within the uniform European Union with a uniform moral faith, uniform demonic architecture, and a uniform lack of past and history. And also say that if ngos are forced to register, the political outcome in Georgia is going to be radically different. Recall the radical and dramatic change in the cultural atmosphere in Russia when all western agents self deported. similarly Hungary. When Orban took some measures to deal with Soros and transferred control of state universities from his foreign aligned enemies to his allies, things suddenly got a whole lot quieter in Hungary.

In Slovakia, tensions between the ngos and Slovakians are rising, as the ngos keep demanding the erasure of the Sovakian way of life, culture, faith, history and identity. But perhaps because Sovakia has little experience of being a nation, matters have not come to a head the way they have in Hungary and Georgia, Hungary and Georgia being real nations with long history. Although nationalism is a form of leftism, historical and biological identity is rightist. The Slovaks are mighty weak on historical identity, but they have biological identity and cultural history.

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