Happy September 2022 (“The Pandemic Is Over”)

Happy September 2022 (“The Pandemic Is Over”)

Spongebob narrator voice Two and a half years later.

From Yahoo News:

President Joe Biden declared the Covid-19 pandemic ‘over’ and slammed his predecessor’s handling of highly classified documents in a wide-ranging interview with CBS News’ 60 Minutes programme which aired on Sunday.

In a section of the pre-taped interview filmed during his visit to the Detroit, Michigan auto show last week, Mr Biden was asked by interviewer Scott Pelley if the return of the annual event meant the pandemic which had shuttered it for the last three years had come to a close.

The president replied: “The pandemic is over”.

He acknowledged that Covid is still “a problem” and said his administration is still “doing a lot of work on it,” but he said everyone at the show “seems to be in good shape” and cited the crowd as an example of how things are changing to a post-pandemic world.

That’s it? Did they even try to claim that the vax and multiple boosters slowed the spread in anyway? These people locked you down, accelerated the destruction of you communities, and then gave a lot of your loved ones experimental gene therapy. Now it’s over ig. Clap, you all did a great job. WE did this. Now we can move on to the next huge globalist event they need bots to back.