Homelessness Continues to Surge Across America

Homelessness Continues to Surge Across America

Homelessness continues to surge across America. Nobody is doing anything substantive to solve this problem because we have to send billions of dollars to the Ukraine so they can continue waging a failed war against Russia in the name of gay dildo sex. What money is spent on the homeless problem gets lost to corruption.

At least Seattle is doing something about the homeless problem. They have a big sporting event happening in town and they don’t want all the fans seeing what a shithole their city has become.

Imagine that, clearing out the homeless because of a sporting event. This country is the most immoral and evil country on the planet while claiming to be the arbiter of all morality.

America is continuing its rapid descent into the third world. Compare the state of American cities with what they have in China, Japan, Russia or other countries. There is no comparison between the two and shows how far America has fallen.

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