How Would You Live if the World Were a Saner Place?

How Would You Live if the World Were a Saner Place?

How would you live if the world were a saner place? That’s the question I’d like to pose today.

First, consider the way the world is.

We live in a world where many trivial things are open to debate and criticism, while criticizing some very essential, fundamental things will result in swift, universal censure.

We live in a world that celebrates public displays of self-righteousness, while deriding proclamations of Christ’s supreme, unique righteousness.

We live in a world that tolerates every sort of self-destructive and abominable behavior (except for a few which are in the legalization pipeline, such as prostitution, pedophilia, and drug use) but harshly excoriates opposition to whatever has been deemed tolerable. Even when it has only recently become legal, or is still illegal.

We live in a world where boys are physically mutilating themselves in order to pass as females, and vice versa — and this is praised or condoned by elites and masses alike. The only awkward thing in this equation is the criticism of such transsexual mutilation. That is viewed as evil.

We live in a world that protects the daily, routine murder of unborn children, yet prohibits both the judicial and extrajudicial punishment of those who murder them.

We live in a world that calls good evil and calls evil good. We live in clown world, aka the low ebb of the Judges cycle that the Israelites repeated over and over again in the Old Testament Book of Judges.

To be fair, I shouldn’t say “world,” when in reality all I am referring to are Western nations in the current era. The above observations would not fit many non-Western nations today, or Western nations of less than a century ago.

Now back to the original question — how would you live if the world were a saner place? There are lots of possible answers, all of them telling.

You would publicly proclaim the Gospel and not fear intimidation or unemployment.

You would openly talk about racial, nationalist realities and earn the appreciation of your colleagues instead of becoming a social outcast.

You would lift weights, eat better, get in combat shape, build wealth and influence, and assert yourself as a man (if a male) or improve your appearance, develop your feminine side, and cultivate your identity as a helpmate and mother (if a female) — without fear of offending some female’s politically correct workplace sensibilities and get fired, or without being dismissed as a know-nothing “prairie muffin.”

You would run for office, start a business, start a family, take that girl you’ve been eyeing in your class out for a date, quit drinking, start reading, fix your house, move, earn a promotion…it could be a million things.

But the main thing is that you’d live as if life were worth living and not something to be avoided or feared. You’d live to conquer the world, not run from it. You’d confront evil head-on rather than compromise with it or try to sidestep it. Whether male or female, young or old, rich or poor, you’d gird up all your strength to live out the dominion mandate and dominate this life for Christ.

It doesn’t mean you’d instantly become perfect, or that the world would become the Garden of Eden again. However, if the environment you were in was more conducive to godly masculine and feminine behavior, we would all feel as if we could breathe freer and live with hope.

The good news is that we don’t need to wait for society or our environment to change for us to do those things. We can, and ought to, live aggressive, godly lives regardless of the situation. It’s a better way to live.

The bad news is that the world is not going to change for the better on its own. Rolling a boulder uphill is easier than getting sinful people to do righteous, smart things. The odds are never in our favor, humanly speaking. And if our part of the world ever does change for the better for a while, it won’t be because we waited for it to change before beginning to live with purpose. It’ll be because we took action. Like Stonewall Jackson said, “Duty is ours. Consequences are God’s.”

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