Jamie Foxx Apologizes for Offending Jews

Jamie Foxx Apologizes for Offending Jews

Booty call actor Jamie Foxx put out a post on Instagram talking about how “they” killed this dude name Jesus. Immediately after putting out the post, a bunch of Jews cried and said that the post was anti-Semitic. Foxx immediately apologized and professed how much he loves Jews.



Foxx didn’t even mention Jews in his post, but the Jews immediately protested assuming that Foxx was talking about them.

The Jews by going after Foxx basically admitted again that they were responsible for killing Jesus. If a non-Jew talks about how Jews killed Jesus they attack you and call you an anti-Semite to force an apology. Of course, Jews like Sarah Silverman are allowed to gloat about killing Jesus. She even said that she would kill Jesus again if she had the chance.

Oh well, Jamie Foxx can go fuck himself. He is a pussy for apologizing to Jews and he once publicly boasted about appearing in a film where he kills lots of WHITE people.

He almost died from the fake COVID-19 injections and looks like a pale corpse now. He’ll likely be dead soon which makes his groveling all the more ridiculous.

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