Jew Portnoy And Sell-Out Rogan Clown On Trump Supporters

Jew Portnoy And Sell-Out Rogan Clown On Trump Supporters

Every 15-30 year old rips their personalities from these fags.

From Business Insider:

Podcaster Joe Rogan said that “the morons had a king” with former President Donald Trump.

Rogan commented on a Thursday episode of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast while speaking to Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy about politics.

The pair discussed newly sworn-in Republican Rep. George Santos, who has generated controversy after reports revealed he fabricated vast swaths of his resume while campaigning.

Rogan said there would be more candidates like Santos in the future and that politics is a “gross, compromised world.”

“I mean, who the fuck is gonna sign off on getting rid of all the special interest groups, getting rid of all the lobbyists? No one. So it’s like, that’s why it was fascinating to see a guy like Trump getting to power because he was such an outsider,” Rogan said in a clip published by Mediaite.

Neither of these people have ever said anything interesting. Portnoy is frat boy sludge and Rogan is the stoner dad of millennials. Calling Qanon believers retards is really conquering new territory, never heard anyone say that before.


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