Just Like Biden’s DOJ, Target Is Vilifying Customers Who Want To Protect Innocent Children Against LGBT Perversion, Labeling Them “Extremists”

Just Like Biden’s DOJ, Target Is Vilifying Customers Who Want To Protect Innocent Children Against LGBT Perversion, Labeling Them “Extremists”

(Natural News) Upset about the fact that millions of Americans still care about children and want to protect their innocence from being ravaged by LGBT perverts, retailer Target has reportedly vilified all who opposes this sick agenda as “extremists” in a new internal memo.

Entitled “Threat Overview,” the memo to Target employees and store associates states that “as political and social tensions rise ahead of the 2024 presidential election, Target will face a continued increase of physical security threats related to our commitments on contentious social issues including support of the LGBTQIA+ community and Pride Month.”

In case you somehow missed it, Target made headlines recently for promoting homosexual, queer, and transgender apparel for underage children and babies. The retailer also featured a “tuck-friendly” women’s bathing suit that can also be worn by transgender “women,” meaning biological males with mental delusions about being “female” and in the “wrong body.”

“Online campaigns and boycotts that emerge regarding Target’s Pride merchandise have potential to motivate extremists to violence,” Target’s corporate higher-ups further warned in the memo.

“Recent extremists focuses are: ‘sexualization’ of children, gender issues, and drag performances.”

(Related: Is California Gov. Gavin Newsom a pedophile? Because he sure is fuming over Target’s reluctant decision to pull certain LGBT-themed clothing items for underage children and babies from some of its stores.)


Target doesn’t believe that pushing LGBT perversion on children amounts to “sexualization”

The fact that whoever wrote this memo put the word “sexualization” in quotes just goes to show how those filled with LGBT pride perceive their assault on minors. To them, it is not assault at all, but rather “affirmation” that helps kids “live their truth.”

The memo does admit at the very end that Target has “not seen any indicators yet in 2023 that raise concerns of a unique risk to Target.” In other words, the contents of the memo are baseless, and meant simply to inflame and stoke the fires of conflict and division between those who care to protect children and their innocence and those who seek to destroy it with pride.


In the week following the unveiling of its 2023 Pride Collection, Target saw its market cap plunge by $9 billion, with its stock falling to the lowest point in three years, hitting $137.39 a share.

“It’s a crazy day when people high up at @Target think the ‘sexualization’ of children is an extremist position,” wrote someone on Twitter about how utterly ludicrous this all is.

“Believe them when they say that and boycott accordingly,” responded another.

“They redefined the word violence to mean any words heard or silence, not heard by them that they don’t like,” said someone else, emphasizing the fact that leftists often redefine words to mean things that they never traditionally meant, all to push their sinister agendas on unsuspecting others.

It cannot be ignored that Target said absolutely nothing about the actual violence and looting that occurred at hundreds of its stores following the George Floyd false flag operation. Many Target stores were ransacked, set ablaze, and left in ruin to “stop police violence,” but as far as we know there were never any internal memos like this that were circulated among company employees.

“Mind you, they closed 175 stores nationwide” because of this, someone else on Twitter pointed out.

Corporate America seems to be self-sabotaging itself by pushing unpopular and grotesque LGBT perversion of children and babies. To learn more, visit Collapse.news.

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