From The New York Post:

Convicted “Pharma bro” Martin Shkreli was released from federal prison and into a halfway house Wednesday, less than five years into a seven-year sentence, his attorney said.

“I am pleased to report that Martin Shkreli has been released from Allenwood prison and transferred to a BOP halfway house after completing all programs that allowed for his prison sentence to be shortened,” his attorney, Ben Brafman, said in a statement.

5 years in prison. A lot of you might not even know who he is or why he’s relevant. Shkreli was attacked in the media, listed as the most hated man in America. He was the bad guy for raising the price on aids medication.

In response to the media onslaught and the mob’s arrows he played into the supervillain character. He went too far when he offered a million for a strain of Hilary Clinton’s hair. This was considered encouraging violence in turn his twitter was suspended. At his trial he responded to every question with a smirk and “I plead the fifth”.

His livestreams were a work of art. Anyone could call in while he worked on programming, excel spreadsheets, or playing guitar. He bullied the Cumtown guys. He doxed people that made fun of him and called their workplace to get them fired. The fbi called one time and he hung up on them.

Shkreli was just a white man being himself and trying to be as successful as possible. He tried to do his best to help people succeed in the ways he had.

He was convicted of securities fraud for lying to investors and for manipulating shares of Retrophin Inc., a biotech company he founded. The media cheered as he was jailed. No one asked what was it he did that was so wrong? In reality he beat the bankers at their own game. You never beat the Jews at their own game without consequences.

He is free now. He’s entering a world that has a lot more of a focus on cryptocurrency. r/Wallstreetbets was a sub he frequented a lot and has evolved into a monster he couldn’t imagine. The economy is terrible. It’ll be interesting to see his reaction to all that’s happened. Or maybe he just wants to get back to building. He has the choice now.

Rest easy Martin, tomorrow the world is yours.


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