More Billions to Ukraine and Supreme Justices = Targeted Individuals

More Billions to Ukraine and Supreme Justices = Targeted Individuals

From CNBC:

President Joe Biden urged Congress on Monday to quickly approve a multibillion-dollar aid package for Ukraine before trying to pass a new round of Covid-19 funding, warning that U.S. aid for that country’s fighters has nearly been exhausted.

Biden’s new position marked a reversal from his insistence last month that the military aid and the pandemic funding be bundled together. Decoupling the two bills significantly increases the chances Congress will pass the $33 billion in requested Ukraine funding, while dimming hope for the $10 billion in Covid relief funds Biden said are necessary to supply updated vaccines and shots for the fall.

This nigga wtf are they doing? Our economy is just being gangraped everyday. It’s hard to choose between giving billions to a foreign country or to help fight a fake virus.

From The Wall Street Journal:

WASHINGTON—The Senate swiftly passed a bill to expand police protections for Supreme Court justices to include their immediate family members, in the wake of protests following a leaked draft ruling that indicatedthe court could overturn Roe v. Wade.

The measure passed late Monday by unanimous consent. The broad support in the Senate suggests a clear pathway to passage in the House, but no immediate plan was set.

A leaked draft opinion published last week by Politico suggested that the conservative wing of the court was preparing to undo the 1973 Roe decision, which established abortion as a constitutional right, in a Mississippi abortion case the justices are currently considering. Chief Justice John Roberts confirmed the draft was authentic but cautioned it wasn’t final.

It’ll be funny seeing these whores trying to riot like blacks do. Not saying riots won’t happen, but I don’t think they’ll be looting footlockers. 


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