Negro Soldier Fights His Way To North Korea

Negro Soldier Fights His Way To North Korea

We should send all our crazed blacks to North Korea.

Travis King, the American soldier who fled to North Korea, had been detained for getting into fights in South Korea before he crossed the border.

Court documents showed he also damaged a police car and had recently spent time in a detention facility in Seoul.

The 23-year-old serviceman had been recently released and was being sent back to the US when he escaped.

He joined a tour of the Joint Security Area and fled into North Korea, which has not commented so far.

There was no real reason to stop him. If white college students get 20 years for hanging posters in NK then why not let this guy touch the stove and feel the burn? I guess this is better than having to bring him back here and give him reparations for his torture. This dude needs to be locked away forever though for real.

We should make a country/state that’s a mix between North Korea and the Branch Davidian’s compound. Now that sounds like a cool project. Just a thought.


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