Nerds betrays Nick Fuentes for Shekelpay

Nerds betrays Nick Fuentes for Shekelpay

It’s extremely upsetting to witness people give in to media pressure. They sold their ideas in exchange for a bigger paycheck, and to think that these people had the temerity to criticize the people in power and if the parties to an agreement don’t grasp each one’s terms, the guy with a huge following like Steven Crowder will try to exploit it and amplify the drama to attract attention then persuade customers to purchase whatever it is they are selling.


it’s a different one in John Doyle’s instance.

He was drawn into a purported movement that is using him as leverage. Leverage for what? Using Him to attract more people to their ’cause’, They believe John can help them achieve the same degree of fame as Nick Fuentes, but Nick is just on a different level here, His encounter with Ye generated some controversy and infuriated both the Republican and Liberal media. Their followers (Ye & Nick’s) however saw this as a moment that would go down in history. That moment broke the Internet, Some people on Ye’s SubReddit were crying online and even considered leaving the community, but his true supporters never left. To this day, He gets a lot of visitors in Telegram. it doesn’t really matter what social media platform you use because Ye24 and Nick Fuentes is widely searched. Why would you even disassociate yourself for a weaker ideology.


A good alternative represents a backlash against a governing class that has lost the ability to discriminate between its own interests and those of the general welfare. Since liberals are the dominant force in politics, business, and culture, it goes without saying that they do not want to hear this but what AV (American Virtue) is doing is trying to alter the system in the safest way possible, and they do it through infiltration? You’re at a disadvantage when you’re working under someone you disagree with, say you’re working for a rabbi and he won’t let you eat meat on weekdays, only Saturdays and Sundays, he gets to peg your ass on the day of sabbath but then again who’s making changes here? The rabbi of course, you’ll be following his orders or else you’re ‘infiltration’ is a total failure, you get fired (a btfod moment). This is the problem with America First alternatives, is that they also maintain the status quo. Even if they don’t mean to, they still do.


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