New Jersey Removes “So Help Me God” From The Oath Of Office

New Jersey Removes “So Help Me God” From The Oath Of Office

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New Jersey removes “So Help Me God” from the oath of office after Atheists complained it was Church and State

One of the long and destructive lies that Americans were taught and still are is that the founders supported modern secularism, where the government has no ties to religion and is de facto atheist in how it governs. All because Jefferson sent a letter to some small church saying they couldn’t be shut down because the 1st Amendment said so.

Fast forward to 2023, and now any sign of a cross or anything Christian, even in a small town, will be threatened by an ACLU lawsuit because it somehow violates freedom of religion. Meanwhile, all this is going to happen without a threat of a Freedom of Religion lawsuit.

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Atheists have just secured another strikedown against a Christian element that has been around since the founding, and that is saying “So Help Me God” during an Oath for Office in New Jersey after saying it somehow violates freedom of religion.

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New Jersey will drop a requirement that candidates for public office sign an oath that includes the phrase “so help me God” in filing paperwork for their candidacy.

“The petitioner has the option to make a solemn affirmation or declaration in lieu of an oath,” Lauren Zyriek, acting director of the state’s Division of Elections said in a memo to all county clerks, reported.

The Oct. 24 memo came after Bergen County resident 70-year-old James Tosone — who hopes to run for Congress as a Libertarian — filed a federal lawsuit against Secretary of State Tahesha Way, claiming New Jersey forces people who run for office to swear to a religious oath.

In his lawsuit, Tosone, a resident of Washington Township, claimed that his conscience would not let him swear to God, the newspaper said.

“By requiring plaintiff to swear ‘so help me God,’ in order to run for public office, without a secular option, the secretary of state has inflicted, and will continue to inflict, irreparable harm upon (Tosone),” the suit states.

All because it mentioned God, it was gone.

The sad thing is that most Republicans wouldn’t bother since they worship the 1st Amendment and the separation of church and state, so they can get Jews and Muslims to vote Republican.

These people decided that a 200-year-old piece of paper was above God himself, and now America is a godless wasteland.

Solving America is just stopping “wokeism,” whatever that is. But getting the American people and government to act and be controlled by Christians

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