Paul Town’s Speech At FedFest

Paul Town’s Speech At FedFest

$lave’s note: One of the greatest thinkers of our time. 

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The right wing is over. Lots of people are trying to revive it via tweeting, podcasts, writing, and even meetups and events. That’s fun and I don’t think people should stop, but the reason they shouldn’t stop is that if they stop, what are they going to do? Become gay? Kiss men?

Speaking of homosexuality, it’s crazy to me that there are so many homosexuals involved in the right wing. I don’t really care, if you want to get your anus penetrated repeatedly until you are incontinent and need to wear Huggies diapers, that’s fine by me. I have lots of friends who are faggots. but it’s strange to see people who shoved dildos up their rear end on stream and took pictures with an allaged Jewish pedophile and accused sexual predator running free speech platforms and being respected by wight wing people in 2022.

 To each their own I guess, but personally I’m racist and hate Scottish people and Canadian people, and the guy who shoved a black dildo up his ass is both, so that’s really my problem more than the whole sodomizing yourself on live stream thing. Why is a Canadian person involved in the right wing? In Canada you can’t even deny the Holocaust, which I’m sure everyone here agrees didn’t happen.
 Personally I don’t believe in free speech, I’m a fascist. Especially not free speech for Scottish people from Canada. Or nonwhites. Which is the same thing really. Scottish, Irish, Anglo, pretty much all people who aren’t German are not white. And being right wing is about being white. If it’s not white it’s not right. And denying the Holocaust. 

The reason the right wing is dying is because when someone in new Zealand straps a GoPro on and then shoots up a mosque, people don’t laugh and call the video kino, but rather get scared and start to feel guilty. how are we going to ethnically cleanse all non Aryans from the whole earth if we’re sad about an objectively kino video. Google Christchurch massacre video if you haven’t seen it. It’s wild. Especially the version of the video that’s set to the song walk by comethazine. That video is more artful and culturally relevant than anything I’ve seen online by “right wing artists”.  This is just facts. 

I’m sorry to be so serious and honest about the situation, but I do so because I care about you guys. I’m an empath. You are all being misled by psychopaths and sociopaths and lots of homosexuals who yell at you to subscribe to, which is run by that Scottish guy who shoved a dildo up his ass and hires nonwhites. How can you be right wing if you hire non whites? You can’t. 

What use is free speech if it exists in an ugly society filled with ugly people, fat people, short people, gay people, trans people, people who get upset at talking about how there was no blue film on the walls of the gas chambers of Auschwitz, when any employed chemist will tell you that zyklon b leaves a blue film when it comes in contact with limestone, which is what the gas chambers of Auschwitz were made of. Also why are there scratches on the walls of the gas chambers when everyone knows that you can’t scratch walls like that with your fingernails.

Maybe the based right wing can ask the owner of about this. If he doesn’t know, maybe we can ask him to ask his former boss, the Canadian jew who runs Rebel Media. 

The reality of the situation is this. We don’t need free speech. We need me and people like me to have free speech, and everyone else needs to die. You can beat around the bush, you can whine about censorship, but if you’re not a German American, you need to die. Sorry. I don’t take pleasure in this, just like I don’t take pleasure when I step on a soulless bug. Or when I burn bugs with a magnifying glass. Or rip the legs off insects.  Which i never have done but is funny to say.

How are you going to save the culture when the culture is a byproduct of the fact there are race mixed and non German people alive? Sorry if this whole speech has offended you, but it’s the truth. If you don’t like what i said, then contact my local proudboys leader, he will talk to me about any concerns. Uhuru. The west is the best, but we have to get rid of the rest. And by the rest, I basically mean all non Germans and all Germans who disavow Hitler. 

All jokes aside, I don’t hate anyone but when I am doing racist things it makes me feel ill that most of the people who cheer me on are people who will be put in a ditch and shot in the back of the head when people like me are in charge. Why was this reading thing even held in jew York city? This place is filled with untermensche.

Thank you for coming out, I love all of you. Subscribe to all free speech platforms and give your money to everyone who says they are right wing. It doesn’t matter if they are not white or love Jews or don’t throw up when they see a mixed race couple, we are going to win. We win by giving our money to people on the internet. Have a nice night. Heil Hitler 1488 where we go one we go all trust the plan



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