Super Weed Addiction And Pope Apologies For Colonization

Super Weed Addiction And Pope Apologies For Colonization

I’m not Catholic but usually think the Pope is based.

From AP:

Pope Francis issued a historic apology Monday for the Catholic Church’s cooperation with Canada’s “catastrophic” policy of Indigenous residential schools, saying the forced assimilation of Native peoples into Christian society destroyed their cultures, severed families and marginalized generations.

“I am deeply sorry,” Francis said to applause from school survivors and Indigenous community members gathered at a former residential school south of Edmonton, Alberta. He called the school policy a “disastrous error” that was incompatible with the Gospel and said further investigation and healing is needed.

One of the ways Christianity gained so much influence and created the new world was through forcing people to assimilate into Christian society. This seems counterintuitive. Is he saying he’d rather they stay with their weird pagan-like religions? Would it have been better had they never had known the Gospel?

Canada is over anyway. There is nothing you can do in Canada to make a difference politically. Give it all back to the natives for all I care. Once America gets back in line we can just take over Canada.

From CNN:

Higher concentrations of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC — the part of the marijuana plant that makes you high — are causing more people to become addicted in many parts of the world, a new review of studies found.

Compared with people who use lower-potency products (typically 5 to 10 milligrams per gram of THC), those who use higher-potency cannabis are more likely to experience addiction and mental health outcomes, according to the study published Monday in the journal Lancet Psychiatry.

After millions of lectures by midwits about how impossible it is for weed to even be habit forming. Now CNN is posting about how addictive high quality weed is.

I use to smoke weed everyday. If you’re smoking high amounts of THC everyday with no tolerance breaks and for a long stretch and take a break, you will miss it. That shouldn’t be a surprise. You’re not going to go through hard withdrawals or anything. This isn’t real addiction like alcohol and benzos (which will kill you) or opiates (where you’ll wish you were dead). Depression and possibly others mental illness might bubble up though. This is more of a bad chemical habit.

The point is they got a good chunk of open minded whites hooked the Joe Rogan way and now there’s no letting go. I wouldn’t even be that against it but they push it so hard for the last decade. And the fact that it makes you gay and retarded. Most stoners only care about getting stoned but they’ll tell you about some guy they know who’s a millionaire and smokes everyday.