Retarded Immigrants Drown In The Rio Grande

Retarded Immigrants Drown In The Rio Grande

Hope it was worth it.

The bodies of eight people were recovered from the Rio Grande after dozens of migrants were swept downriver near Eagle Pass, Tex., in what appeared to be the deadliest mass drowning along the border in years, U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials said Friday.

CBP officials said the drownings occurred Thursday morning after a large group attempted to cross the Rio Grande, whose currents were running swiftly after several days of rain.

Border Patrol agents and other CBP personnel rescued 37 people from the river who were part of a larger group of 53 taken into U.S. custody, according to a CBP statement. Authorities arrested an additional 39 migrants on the Mexican side of the river.

I don’t even know how there could possibly still be people living in Mexico with how many spics running in now. It’s like the zombies in World War Z or Left for Dead, just crowds running over each other across the border. Why would you even want to come here with everything going on? Shouldn’t they recognize a dying nation when they see it?

Imagine dying while trying to break into Sodom.