Rumble Censors Nick Fuentes

Rumble Censors Nick Fuentes


For a while I had a small support for Rumble even though its essentially Con inc spam the website since they are the last publicly traded websites that might allow more free speech than the competition. I mean Truth social broke before Rumble did.

Nick has been on Rumble for 2 years now and he has been able to do his show and upload clips without any issue. Well making a speech reciting the evil stuff in the Talmud was just a step too far and Rumble removed the Fuentes rally even during mid stream of the remaster.

This has been a long time coming after they got a giant deal to get Trump on the platform, which made them have to ban noticing and JQ on the platform to appease Trump’s advisors.

Quartering a man who has never faced an ounce of censorship in his entire career, he said the removal was totally justified because the “incitement of violence” would have angered Google and Apple, which hold their services by the balls.

I love how he doesn’t see his own argument, which shows that it wasn’t removed based on “violence” rather than fear of angering Google and Apple, which control their ads and hosting along with being on the App Store.

God forbid Sundar or Tim see someone trending on a site that is paying them to host someone saying that their masters are bad. Oh, the humanity.

Rumble is on its way out of just being another YouTube. I mean, they started out as YouTube, with all the content being either endless garbage from big pundits or animal videos.

Gab and Odysee are pretty much the last remaining platforms in this fight for Free Speech online.

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