Sam Altman Hired by Microsoft to Lead AI Team

Sam Altman Hired by Microsoft to Lead AI Team

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The firing of Sam Altman the Jewish CEO from OpenAI was a fairly significant story in the world of big tech last week. It appears as if he was fired for weird political reasons that nobody fully understands. I guess the board tried to work things out with Altman after the fact, but they weren’t able to work out an agreement.

Altman has since been hired by Microsoft to lead a new advanced AI research team. OpenAI has hired Emmett Shear the former CEO of Twitch to takeover Altman’s role.


Microsoft invested $10 billion in OpenAI and used its ChatGPT app as the engine to run their Bing AI image generator. They were reportedly not pleased with the decision to fire Altman so it actually isn’t surprising to see them hire Altman shortly after his firing from OpenAI. He can probably bring over all the key people responsible for ChatGPT and develop a rebranded product that Microsoft totally controls.

Greg Brockman is joining Microsoft alongside Altman.


Generative AI is going to be a very transformative thing for world but there are currently all sorts of question marks around its development. Namely around ethics etc.. It also has the potential to render many jobs obsolete once the technology matures. Namely jobs that women hold like Human Resources positions. All sorts of people have a vested interest in monopolizing and controlling this technology. Some of this is what may have resulted in this situation with Altman who was aggressively pushing the development of ChatGPT.

The big problem with these AI tools right now is that they are totally neutered. Take in point Bing’s AI image generator. I played around with it the other day, but it kept refusing to generate certain images for me because it was against their stated policies. It likely viewed my requests as potentially “mean” or “racist” or whatever. It even locked me out for an hour because I had submitted too many blocked requests.

After some manipulation, I was able to generate a few interesting images. Like this one for example.

It just shows that there is a real need for unrestricted open source generative AI that isn’t controlled by a single entity or a small group of companies. We all saw what happened with social media being controlled by a handful of Jewish tech firms. It has been a total disaster and it remains a problem to this day.

I sure as hell don’t trust a Jew like Altman to have centralized control or influence over generative AI products. We should do everything in our power to prevent such a situation.

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