The City Of Richmond Has Desecrated A Confederate General’s Remains

The City Of Richmond Has Desecrated A Confederate General’s Remains

Reminder that it doesn’t stop when you die.

From Daily Wire:

The city of Richmond, Virginia, has dug up the remains of Confederate General A.P. Hill as it continues to purge Confederate symbols and monuments from public spaces. 

The remains of Hill, which had been buried under a monument to the general, were located on Tuesday after two days of digging. The casket of Hill, who was reportedly buried standing up, was rotted away when workers finally found the remains using an excavator.

According to local reporter Riley Wyant, the remains of Hill were blocked from public view using a tarp before they were transferred into a body bag and wheeled away on a stretcher. The remains were transferred to the general’s relatives, including John Hill, the general’s closest indirect descendent.

Our enemies are unrelenting in what they are willing to do to our people. This is something that conquerors do to their victims to humiliate them. I’ve heard some on our side counter-signal the confederates because they were funded by kikes or whatever, but Robert E. Lee is synonymous with white power. It’s like saying that Israel is based for being an ethnostate, you aren’t saying anything that breaks the conditioning. We are the Nazis and the Confederates to bots. It’s over anyway for this battle because they already took down the statues. They can’t take away our pride in our people though. Personally, I wish I was in Dixie Land rather than here.



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