The Destruction of Worthless Life

The Destruction of Worthless Life

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As a movement, we seem to have lost our focus regarding eugenics, which is an idea that I firmly advocate for and believe in. This has led to a mentality within the movement of “White Egalitarianism”. This is the idea that just being White is good enough, when, in fact, being White should lead to more scrutiny and stricter standards. Too many White Americans, though fortunately not all, are no better than niggers in terms of intellectual limits. These inferior whites are often labeled “Wiggers” or “White trash”.

This is a problem we must address. There is no White equality. Many Whites should face extermination or sterilization. Eugenics must be championed as a pillar of this movement or else everything we believe in and fight for is worthless and pointless.

Chapter One: White Niggerdom and Its Needed Destruction

Everyone who has spent a minute of their time among certain Whites will know just how similar they are to the average nigger. Their thoughts begin and end with hedonism, idiocy, entitlement, materialism, and poor genetics. These individuals tend to also have higher rates of severe medical disorders and have higher instances of breeding literal mental/physical retards.

We repeatedly see with White niggers just how dysgenic and inbred they look in appearance, how prone they are to morbid obesity, how stupid and selfish they are, how short sighted they are, and more. They must be eliminated from the White American ethnic group or they will be the end of us as a whole. They must be either prevented from breeding through means such as sterilization and made into nothing more than worker units for the nation-state or they must be outright exterminated from existence if they prove to not even be useful for basic menial labor.

There must be zero tolerance for such “people”, if they can even be called people.

Only the best of Whites (the most intellectually capable and with the best genetics) should be allowed to procreate. The White American ethnic group must be transformed from a dysgenic pig pen orgy into a continually improving gene pool breeding beings smarter and stronger than current White Europeans. Unfortunately, the pool of superior White Americans specimens is shrinking more and more by the day as we live under this illegitimate occupational government that is the United States of America.

The idea that idiotic, dysgenic White Americans needed to be snuffed out was a common one a century ago. Many prominent White racialists championed it. Viewed objectively, purposefully breeding a healthier, smarter race is fundamentally beneficial to individuals and society. However, the rise of non-White mass immigration led to a lowering of standards within the movement. Now, garbage Whites are tolerated and even celebrated like when some White nigger garbage has more offspring due to the normalization of the anti-fascist concept of quantity over quality.

This frankly retarded notion must end. As someone who has dealt with retarded White niggers, they are a people that do not deserve to exist, period. We must, in Hitler’s words, “Close your hearts to pity.” Whites are an empathetic race but that can quickly become a weakness. Big Mama rolling through Walmart at 500lbs reeking of feces, dumber than the average nigger with ten inbred kids, does not deserve to breed. She is a detriment to our race, not a benefit.

We deserve a White American ethnic group that is intelligent, thoughtful, insightful, and more. We neither want nor deserve a group of morbidly obese white retards who do nothing but steal oxygen and shit in the water, ultimately no different than mindless bacteria.

Chapter Two: Eugenics and Why It Is Needed

Eugenics, meaning “Well Born” in Greek, is a cornerstone of our ideology, whether or not the weak among us want to admit it or not. Quality over quantity is what is needed. Not the opposite. I widely admire many prominent eugenicists of the early 20th century such as Madison Grant.

Madison Grant correctly pointed out the future doom of the White American ethnic group. He predicted how our weaknesses would become a cancer due to the White American tendency to force our weaknesses onto others. To quote him here “The man of the old stock is being crowded out of many country districts by these foreigners, just as he is to-day being literally driven off the streets of New York City by the swarms of Polish Jews. These immigrants adopt the language of the White Americans; they wear his clothes; they steal his name; and they are beginning to take his women, but they seldom adopt his religion or understand his ideals, and while he is being elbowed out of his own home the American looks calmly abroad and urges on others the suicidal ethics which are exterminating his own race.”

Sadly this is something we White Americans have yet to overcome as an ethnic group.

To go onto a more sensitive topic in the movement and the larger American Right-Wing. I am a supporter of abortion as a means of eugenics. I do not and will not support abortion in regards to a healthy and competent but degenerate White woman using it as a means to be a whore without consequence. That is obviously wrong. However, abortion should be forcibly used in a White society as a means of extermination regarding White women carrying inferior White babies, such as the physically/mentally disabled, the provable dysgenic, and the idiotic.

Abortion is like a gun. It can be used for good or evil. In this case, the good use of abortion is the prevention of the pollution of our race by dysgenic women who should not breed but nonetheless become pregnant with the ticking time bomb of inferior, destructive offspring.

It is easy for us, especially the religious among us, to fall into sentimentalism and pity. This comes from our naturally good and empathetic White hearts. We must again, in Hitler’s words, “Close your hearts to pity” and choose an impartial and morally correct need for the long-term betterment of our White American ethnic group. The collective need and the long term good must be placed against and above the individual wants and the short term pleasure.

Do we want an ethnicity of dysgenic retards not worth a damn in anything besides acting the same as mindless bacteria or do we want an ethnicity of superior genetics and intellectual capabilities that eclipses that of our European counterparts? Of course any sane man would choose the latter!

In Conclusion: Purge The White Egalitarians!

We must and should purge the White Egalitarians among us. It is not enough to simply just be White but, when we rightfully take over, being White should hold you to even more scrutiny. Those of poor genetics, poor intellectual capabilities, and the like deserve to be snuffed out from the ethnic group of White Americans.

Those that cannot accept this are not of our movement and should not be accepted. White niggery is a disease and those that tolerate it are enablers who are actively accepting the destruction of White Americans as a whole. They are no better than the jews and White race-traitors. In fact, they are even more dangerous because they act, consciously or not, as subverters while pretending to be one of us.

This is no better with groups in the movement who seek allying with the religious conservatives. They have an obsession to link White racialists with the anti-abortion Evangelicals and Catholic groups like Knights of Columbus (who support non-White immigration from Latin America and Africa into North America) who unironically use the fact that most abortions are of non-Whites as an argument against abortion. It’s disgusting and appalling. These individuals should be ashamed yet despite this they have no shame. We should not try to link up with our racial enemies. We should oppose them, always and everywhere.

It saddens and disgusts me to see this.

We must take the firm, rational, and frankly morally correct approach that, even among Whites, there are some who are not worthy of life and reproduction. All else is error. It is up to us as a movement to see this through and make widespread ideological adaptations. All I can do is warn.

I shout it from the rooftops! Death to the White Niggers! Death to the dysgenic! Hail to the betterment of White Americans! Hail Eugenics!

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