The Empire Strikes Back: Media Matters Declares WAR

The Empire Strikes Back: Media Matters Declares WAR

“Fresh and Fit”, one of the leading “redpill” podcasts on Rumble, recently released a controversial episode featuring future dictator Nick Fuentes and left the liberal media kicking and screaming.

A misogynistic podcast that describes itself as “the #1 men’s podcast in the world” hosted white supremacist Nick Fuentes for multiple hours long streams during which he denied the Holocaust.


The Fresh & Fit podcast is a central platform of the “manosphere” and describes itself as covering “females, fitness, and finances.” The hosts, Why Women Deserve Less author Myron Gaines and dating and lifestyle coach Walter Weekes, regularly spew misogynistic and anti-LGBTQ rhetoric and demean a panel of young women who appear on the show’s “After Hours” streams.


Fuentes’ appearance on Fresh & Fit underscores the links between the antisemitic far-right and the “manosphere,” a loose collection of misogynist influencers who capitalize on audiences interested in lifestyle topics like dating and identity in order to push extremist ideas.

Fresh & Fit is simply the internet generation’s shock jock radio, and on a platform like Rumble where basically anything goes, its hosts are free to go further for views than their predecessors ever did.

Fuentes, as usual, dropped massive redpills that caused the a stir in the left-wing media empire. Kvetching, with drool falling out of their mouths like the blood of Christian children, writers at Media Matters accused the hosts of the show of allowing Fuentes to “spew hatred and bigotry”.

Arizona GOP student group to host Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes at upcoming  conference - St. Louis Jewish Light

I would be willing to bet my life savings that this show will not only get removed from Rumble, but I also fear that Rumble’s place in the app store may be at serious risk. These people will not stop until the truth is suppressed and anyone who seeks this content is locked away in Azkaban for 1000 years.

Pray for the safety of Nick Fuentes and the rest of the red pill community. We know that they have it out for him, and with these most recent appearances, I seriously fear for the safety of our leader. God willing, Fuentes will prevail and will go on to lead us to the ultimate victory for the glory of Jesus Christ.

Denouncing Trump-Fuentes Is a Ploy, Not a Principle - The Atlantic


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