?nO gnioG s’tahW

?nO gnioG s’tahW

Idk why this is news. Slow news day.

From Reuters:

Taiwan signalled on Thursday that it had abandoned a plan to buy advanced new anti-submarine warfare helicopters from the United States, saying they were too expensive.

Taiwan had earlier said it was planning to buy 12 MH-60R anti-submarine helicopters, made by Lockheed Martin Corp (LMT.N) unit Sikorsky, but domestic media said the United States had rejected the sale as not being in line with the island’s needs.

Asked in parliament about recent changes to Taiwan’s purchases of new U.S. weapons, Defence Minister Chiu Kuo-cheng mentioned the helicopter case first.

“The price is too high, beyond the scope of our country’s ability,” he said.

Hopefully China goes for Taiwan. They don’t have reason not to. I’d imagine they’re waiting out for a time when we’re more vulnerable, most likely in the next few months. Also they’re probably watching the Ukraine situation and want to see the US reaction to escalation and victory.


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