The Military Coup in Niger is Pretty Awesome

The Military Coup in Niger is Pretty Awesome

The military coup in Niger is pretty great. I know it is great because it has angered the Jewish assholes in Washington DC. They’re threatening to withhold aid to Niger because of it which is quite racist of them.


Emmanuel Macron is very upset about it also. He is claiming that the coup is not in line with democratic values.


Well that’s just tough shit. The Niger nigger people think democracy is gay and retarded so they have put an end to it.

The coup leader is having politicians arrested.


The people are burning their luxury vehicles.


They’re looting the French embassy.


The people are reportedly praising Russia and Vladimir Putin.


The French basically maintained Niger as a colony through a puppet government and a small military presence of around 1,500 soldiers. It was also widely believed that the last election that put the now overthrown government in power was totally rigged.

Either way, the French have been exploiting the country for years. They’ve been a big source of uranium for France. Looks like all of that is coming to an end now.

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