The Neoconservatives and Israel Are Reopening the Middle East Wars

The Neoconservatives and Israel Are Reopening the Middle East Wars

The latest reports support my thesis that the Israeli-Hamas Conflict is a Continuation of the 9/11 Plot.

This article from the Israeli newspaper Haaretz describes the enormous amounts of arms and ammunition Washington is assembling around Israel and reports the arrival of transport ships and aircraft for evacuations of Americans from the Middle East. This is evidence that Washington intends a much larger conflict than the one in Gaza. Washington is preparing for a regional conflict. Putin, by restraining the Muslims, is making the same mistake he made with the Minsk agreement–banking on peace when Washington intends war. I see the information in Haaretz’s report as support for my thesis that the Israeli-Hamas conflict is Washington’s way of reopening the Middle Eastern wars against Israel’s enemies and the suppliers of Hezbollah. The Zionist goal is larger than Palestine. The goal is Greater Israel.


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