The Rise of Evil as the Determinant Force in the Western World

The Rise of Evil as the Determinant Force in the Western World

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Normally when there is a school shooter, the media goes on and on about the right-wing gun nut who killed the kids.  We learn all about him and his politically incorrect ideas and associations.  No stone in his life is left unturned.  But if the shooter is not a rightwing gun nut, we hear nothing about it.  Moreover, as Glenn Greenwald points out, the police and the media suppress the information as it doesn’t fit the narrative.

This time the shooter, or rather, murderer, was a trans woman, Audrey Hale, who shot and murdered three teachers and three nine-year olds in a Christian school in Tennessee.  Her motives were political, her ideology was left/liberal, and her victims were white in a private Christian school.

She left a manifesto, interest in which was non-existent among the presstitutes.  The FBI and Tennessee police refused to release the manifesto. When a court ordered the manifesto’s release, the FBI and Tennessee police appealed and the appellate court stayed the court’s order.

Greenwald contrasts this behavior with what happens when the shooter is a white male who can be described as rightwing.  Not only are conservative beliefs blamed, but also prominent conservative people who are alleged to have inspired the shooter.

Greenwald writes:  “Rumble host Steven Crowder announced he had obtained several pages of the manifesto. He published them on Twitter and his online show. The Nashville PD acknowledged their authenticity, expressed rage, and ordered an investigation to find the leaker. The pages published by Crowder of Hale’s writings contained vicious and hateful anti-white and anti-Christian sentiments, prompting the question: who in media or politics radicalized Audrey Hale to go murder people in the name of these bigotries? Yet immediately, Big Tech platforms—including Google’s YouTube and Facebook—censored Crowder’s publications. We know about them—and were able to read them—only because Twitter (X) and Rumble refused as usual to censor, highlighting yet again the vital importance of these free speech platforms.”

For many years I have documented that the overriding purpose of media, universities, the public school system, Hollywood, and the Democrat Party has been to demonize white, traditional Americans as racists, white supremacists, gun nuts, anti-semites, Russian agents, insurrectionists, domestic terrorists, and whatever else.  It is extraordinary that the backbone of the United States–the white normal citizen–has been demonized, while sexual perverts and anti-Americans prevail in setting the agendas.  

The qualities, such as integrity, that comprised the virtues of Americans in my lifetime are no longer passed forward by education, literature, and entertainment.  “Western civilization has to go,” as the students chanted, and it has. In its place evil has risen.

White people have been taught to hate themselves for being privileged racists.  Their indoctrination and brainwashing has come from education, critical race theory, the New York Times 1619 Project, TV, films, and social media.  White Audrey Hale left a Death Day Manifesto. The black Nashville police chief, John Drake, has organized the city’s police force around the demands of Black Lives Matter.  Drake has refused to release the manifesto, but a few pages were leaked, and Drake has suspended the suspected police officers.  Here are a few lines from the manifesto:

“wanna kill all you little cr*ckers”

“I hope I have a high death count”

“I’m ready.  I hope my victims aren’t.”

This is a white-person taught to hate white people by American communication and educational institutions.  The population of the US today is the French population in Jean Raspail’s 1970s novel, The Camp of the Saints. Everywhere in the Western world the belief system that sustained the civilization has been destroyed.  The time of the Western World has come to an end. 

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