Troops Shoot Dogs Too

Troops Shoot Dogs Too

Only non-whites and satanists like hurting cats and dogs.

From New York Post:

It’s not just curiosity killing the cat anymore — it could be the Army.

The Army Medical Research and Development Command has quietly allowed shooting cats and dogs for wound experiments despite a 1983 Defense Department ban on the practice, according to a policy update obtained by The Post.

While the change was made as early as 2020, it’s being publicized for the first time after the Army command turned aside a bid by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals to find out how many such experiments had been conducted since the switch.

“This new policy wasn’t highlighted or publicly announced in great fanfare,” said PETA vice president Shalin Gala. “They most likely would not want the PR nightmare that would ensue should this information be released.”

I would you need to test bullets on cats? Has there ever been a time that a cat was dangerous enough someone would need to shoot it down? This is what’s being told out in the open. Imagine what other types of experiments they do.