Trump Delivers Boring Speech In Iowa

Trump Delivers Boring Speech In Iowa

Everything in this world has had the soul sucked out of it, and it appears this rings true of Trump.

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The only people he’s been trying to appeal to since around 2020 are boomers. He constantly rattles on and on about social security, the GDP, and Israel. I understand that he likely views them as the widest part of his voter base that are most loyal to him. That’s just not true now tho. Conservative boomers will like Ron Desantis more do to him being viewed as the “safe” option. Most people are going to like Biden more. Biden has started to utilize emotion like 2016 Trump did and has effectively directed it against conservatives. There’s almost no resistance to this on the right due to guilt over January 6th.

It’s all looking like a mess. I love Trump but we need something greater than him if he won’t step up.


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