Two Years Ago Today…

Two Years Ago Today…

January 6th happened. Forged from the fires of Charlottesville, we decided to take our country back once and for all. The Capitol was ours for the taking. Everyone that could take the heat rushed into the building to ensure their furhur would maintain his seat in history. Not much was won, unfortunately. Most were imprisoned, tortured by their oppressors. Others passed in the conflict. Those that only inspired this bravery had been stripped from the financial system and blocked from all air travel. Their king conceded his defeat and betrayed his supporters. It seemed all but over….

The entire right wing was beaten and raped. But one of the men who had led those fervent protests didn’t back down. He had been betrayed by all his friends. The system worked 24/7 to make his life miserable. He told the few that still had hope in change that victory was still possible. That even when the deck is stacked against us we still need to fight. He said he only feared God. History is ours for the taking.

We should feel blessed to be living in times like this. The Capitol siege showed the anger of the people, that’s our win. The system has gone nuclear on dissidents ever since to compensate for their lose. They can’t stop what’s coming. The storm was real it’s just been looming forward slowly over the last couple years. Soon a great rain will come….

Hail Nick Fuentes.

Hail Our People.

Hail Victory.


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