We Fight For The Eternity Of Our People

We Fight For The Eternity Of Our People

SS Handbook for the Ideological Teaching of the Troops – Topic 3

”Our National Socialist program uses the blood- related and ground-bound people in place of the liberalist concept of the individual and the Marxist concept of humanity. A very simple and succinct sentence, but of enormous impact. For the first time, perhaps, ever since there is a history of mankind, knowledge has been directed in this land to the fact that of all the tasks which are placed before us, the most honorable, and most sacred, to man is the preservation of the blood-blessed nature given by God.” „Mein Kampf“

National Socialism brought Germany the rebirth after the decline in 1918. It rearranged German life according to our blood. The Fuhrer created the Reich and united in it all the tribes of German blood.

The racial science becomes the basis of the structure of people and the state out of the knowledge that all values and cultural achievements are bound to the genetic material. The doctrine of the equality of all people was opposed to racial doctrine.

The Volk

Our Volk has grown out of the forces of his blood, carried on through inheritance and read out by the conditions of the environment. For in the struggle for life prove only the most talented. They alone have the courage to pass on their life to many offspring, while the less affirmed fear the seriousness of the struggle for life, and hope that they are able to lighten their living conditions with a few children. As a result, their hereditary traits are gradually eliminated from the totality of the people. Thus, the existing genetic make-up of the natural stock of our Volk came about, which can be either maintained, improved or worsened by the continuation. We must always be aware of this God-given law of life and act accordingly, for our attitude is one of the determining factors in the form and character of our people.

We therefore demand respect for the hereditary values of our people.

We recognize the reservation of space as a necessary environment for this people.

We demand a Volkisch world view and knowledge of God, which we can understand from our national character. We demand a volkisch policy, a kind-appropriate law and economic order; an art that has grown and is supported by the family and the community; we want a language, our national character, and a history, which shows us the struggle for existence of the different tribes of our people.

The orientation of the people

Essential for the preservation or promotion of a certain racial shape is, in addition to the fundamental preservation of good genes, the creation of an environment favorable to this „race“. This can only be achieved if a conscious orientation of the national community is based on these laws (breeding goal) and the bearers of this community live accordingly.

The preservation of the people

„For the first time in this Reich it is possible for man to apply the gift of knowledge and insight given to him by the Almighty to those questions which are of greater importance for the preservation of his existence than any victorious wars or successful economic battles! The greatest revolution of National Socialism is to have opened the door to knowledge that all mistakes and errors of man are conditioned by time and thus can be improved, except for one thing: the error about the importance of preservation of his blood, of his kind and thus of the form given to him by God and of the being given to him by God.“ „Mein Kampf”

We know from the laws of life and history that peoples do not die out, but are born out, that is, only the people, who forget their task of passing on their lives to the generations to come, sink back into nothingness.

The People’s State

Neglect of the blood question is the cause of the downfall; Birth decline, dysgenics, race-mixing and birth defects are the pitfalls and causes for the change of an overall picture.

The eternal people

We fight for our wives and children and thus for the eternal life of our people, not only in the present great struggle, but always and everywhere. Therefore, we must work for a life order of our people, which ensures its eternal life also internally. This, however, can only be an order that preserves and promotes the good and precious blood, but oppresses and exalts the inferior and alien, an order that allows the clans of the people to grow in the soil of the home.

Fight against the inferior

Legal measures can lead to the elimination of unwanted, diseased genetic material. „Law on the Prevention of Diseased offspring.“ Furthermore, it is possible to keep them away from reproduction through preventive detention of habitual criminals. The „Nuremberg Laws” for the protection of German blood and honor are the guarantor that foreign blood interference does not shift the overall character of the people’s hereditary traits.

„The demand that defective people be made impossible for the generation of other equally defective people is a demand of the clearest reason and in its planned implementation means the most human act of humanity.

It will spare millions of unfortunate undeserved suffering, but subsequently lead to a rising recovery.“ „Mein Kampf”

To promote good genetic material

In addition to measures to eliminate unwanted inherited genetic laws for the promotion of good genetic material of the direct propagation of good genes are used. The „marriage health law“ for the protection of the hereditary health of the German people prevents the mixing of good hereditary dispositions with unwanted ones. The „betrothal and marriage order” not only allows the timely education for the examination of the spouse, but in the same way prevents the spread of unwanted genetic material. The „Maternity Protection Act“ serves to secure the expectant mother and the undisturbed care of the infant. What does the term breed mean? The breeding thought was something natural for our ancestors. Family or clan chiefs ensured the preservation of the best and most capable of both sexes. The legal measures promoting or preventing them alone are not enough to sustain a people in the same way forever.

Spouse choice

Each marriage of a family member means taking up a new genetic material in the clan association. Therefore, the choice of a spouse is not only of decisive importance for the immediate participants, but also for their descendants.

The choice of a woman gives the husband the only possibility in life to improve or spoil the genotype of the future race. Health or illness, aptitude or incompetence of offspring are decided by the choice of spouses. In this decisive step, not position and wealth, but only mental and physical efficiency, must prevail. It is clear that the one who has the certainty that he is the bearer of ominous heredity must renounce it.

The choice of spouses is the most important step in the life course and for the passing on of life. Therefore, it is necessary that all questions in this decision be taken with all sharpness possible.

Summary of our demands

Keep your health good and, as long as you are in the developmental stages, be abstemious in terms of pleasure poisons (alcohol, nicotine) and sexual activity. (The Nordic man in general generally does not reach maturity until late.)

Wedding as early as possible. Only then will you fully enjoy the family happiness.

Do not marry a stranger. You are responsible to your people and your descendants for the purity of the blood.

Do not marry a wife with genetic conditions. Otherwise you are to blame for the suffering of your own children and grandchildren. Choose only a perfectly healthy woman. The true picture of your future wife’s condition and health will be shown by her clan.

Your wife should be at least as full of zeal as you are. Make your and your children’s environment as natural as possible.

Avoid kinship because unfavorable genetic traits are almost always hidden from you and then develop twice in your children. Only the largest possible number of children guarantees the development of your genome. Especially the most famous men often come from large families.

Biological work must be performed to fulfill the duties of a professional. Only both together make the life achievement. Remember that nature demands the struggle for the precious. It is not easy to satisfy the conditions of selection. Only what you get in a hard fight makes you truly happy. First and foremost is the preservation and promotion of our people and their people. This task is our life and struggle.

„National Socialism has no starting point for its reflections, statements and decisions, either in the individual or in humanity. It consciously puts into the center of his whole thinking the people.“

„The great cultural achievements of men were at all times the highest achievements of the community life of the people, the race; they are therefore in their creation and in their image the expression of the communal soul and ideals.“ „Mein Kampf“

The Higher Development of our People

Life-law thinking recognizes the development in nature. This obliges us to strive for a higher development of our people. But the most important fundamental law for the order of life of our people is that what is ethical is the preservation of the German people’s preservation of their species. It is immoral what is worthy of the preservation of the German people.

Publisher: The Reichsfuhrer-SS, SS-Hauptamt. N / 0921

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