Ye Marries White Woman

Ye Marries White Woman

You’d think after one white woman destroys your life you’d go cold turkey.

From TMZ:

Kanye West isn’t just hanging around town with a mystery blonde, he’s also married to her — they recently had a private ceremony to celebrate their love … TMZ has learned.

Sources connected to the couple tell TMZ the woman is Bianca Censori, she hails from Australia and she’s worked as an architectural designer at Yeezy for several years. She’s also been a brunette until switching things up to the short blonde look we’ve recently seen.

Race-mixing is always disgusting. From what I understand Ye believes in the idea of mixing til America is a land of mutts, he believes that peace will follow from this. I am completely opposed to this idea and can’t think of much more horrible.

Actually this woman might be Jewish from what I’m hearing. If this is true that’s like sleeping with a loaded gun in your mouth. He should take some notes from Alex Jones if he wants to see where a Jewish wife gets you. Not a pleasant experience ever, especially if you care about doing the right thing (which I think Ye does) and don’t care as much about making money.

Ye has his relationship issues due to the loss of his mother and his porn addiction. I would like it if he went full incel and focused on his revenge on Kim, as I think that’s what’s best for him. But we’ve gotta be serious and all deal with the cards we’re dealt. 

This doesn’t change any of my previous positions on YE24, this is a personal choice that I think shows flaws in Ye’s character but the guy also made Yeezus and made Hitler mainstream. Who am I to complain? He’s still the #1 opposition figure with clout capital and mogs Trump.

Plus, as long as Nick’s all in I’m not backing down #YE24


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