A Falling Civilisation

A Falling Civilisation

By Alf


Welcome, dear reader! Welcome to my site, on which I host exactly one story, written in blog-length chapters because that’s just how I roll. Perhaps you are already familiar with neoreaction, the dark enlightenment or even some of my work. Perhaps you are not. Whatever the case, I assume no prior knowledge.

You ask: what is this story about? Pf, where to begin. The best comparison I can come up with is that it’s kind of like how, in the movie ‘the Matrix’, the protagonist searches the internet for answers about the world he lives in. But instead of not finding them, he finds them. But you might argue that comparisons with the Matrix are cliché, and also you might otherwise disagree. Best you just read on, I suppose. Or not, who am I to tell you how to spend your time.

Now, let us begin. Like all good stories, ours starts dramatically: with the fall of a civilisation.

A Falling Civilisation

Imagine being born in 1200 BC bronze age Hittite empire, in what is now Turkish territory. For the first time in human history, empires have sprung up, and you are part of one. People are proud – why wouldn’t they be? You have trade routes bringing in exotic supplies, people have figured out how to melt and shape metal. Your culture produces beautiful pottery, houses, chariots, palaces even. You breed strong horses, work the land. You worship and pay thanks to the Gods. It is obvious to you and everyone around you that your civilisation is simply the greatest in the world.

Or so you think. For the bronze age collapse is just around the corner. Just a few decades later, your empire falls apart, plundered and destroyed by its enemies. Its men killed, its women raped. And you, our formerly proud Hittit citizen, are either dead or fleeing. A stark contrast. Why didn’t your civilisational self-image match with what was actually happening?

The obvious reason is that assessing a civilisational cycle is difficult. Especially if you’re one of the first civilisations around — how are you supposed to know empires have an expiration date? Sure maybe you’ve got some people preaching that the end is near, but then again you’ve always got some people preaching that the end is near.

But there should be plenty of objective signs of impending disaster, right? Stories about lost wars at the faraway borders, stock shortages, increases in distrust… That sort of thing. Yet still, many people will for the longest time insist that everything’s just fine. We call this normalcy bias, which is Newton’s first law applies to humans: objects in motion tend to stay in motion. When your entire life has been normal, you assume that the future will be normal as well and plan accordingly. You will behave as if the stability of the past is a good indicator for the future, because your entire life that has been true and naturally, you want it to be true as well. Indeed, the past tends to be a reliable indicator for the future. Unless of course, your civilisation is about to fall apart. Then, old rules no longer apply, and if you ignore the new rules too long, you will find yourself %#$@ out of luck when the %#$@ hits the fan.

At this point you have probably figured out: I am not just talking about some ancient civilisation. I am also talking about our civilisation, let us call it Western civilisation. You know, the one you and I both live in. Led by America and its allies in Europe and Australia, with its vassal states littered all over the world. A grander empire has never existed. Unfortunately, it is in the process of falling apart. It is quite the tale.

On this site you will find my version of this tale, the story of the fall of the West. Although this fall is extensively documented because of our information age, the majority of that documentation is nonsense — a bunch of lies or bullshit indifferent to the truth. After all, if society at large understood why it was falling, it would stop the fall. Our misunderstanding of the situation is intertwined with our downfall. For instance, consider the generic explanation for the sudden bronze age decline: bronze age civilisations were invaded. OK, but why not repel the invaders? Well something something earthquakes and droughts. OK, why not deal with the earthquakes and droughts? Surely the invaders had the same problems…

We see the same lack of coherence in our current situation. Why is the West falling? Our experts give us a myriad of non-answers. “It’s very complex”, “the West isn’t falling”, “because global warming” or “because covid”. But the West isn’t falling because of global warming and covid. Much closer to the truth is: global warming and corona are either false or insignificant problems from an outsider’s perspective, but they are made gigantic problems from our insiders’ perspective. The climate only become more accommodating to human life, not less. And covid has never killed anyone who wasn’t already with one foot in the grave.

But try to state such facts in the public sphere, under your real name, and you’ll be ostracized. Which makes perfect sense: civilisational collapse goes hand in hand with a coerced inability to understand or fix that civilisational collapse.

Luckily, in this place I am anonymous and free to speak. So let me tell you the real story. Why is the West falling? How do we survive the fall? In this story I will answer those questions. They are not answers I have come up all by myself. As our story will reveal, they are an amalgamation of answers from a bunch of smart, mostly anonymous men who’ve had heated debates on obscure blogs on the internet. I am merely the messenger, condensing those answers as succinctly as possible.

So let us condense the answer as succinctly as possible:

  • Why is our civilisation falling apart? Because it lacks a reason for its existence.
  • How do we survive the fall? By reintroducing a reason for our existence.

That’s the short version anyway. Now, the long version.

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