Alex Jones Says Feds About to Close Infowars Command Bunker

Alex Jones Says Feds About to Close Infowars Command Bunker

Alex Jones has said that the federal government is planning to close down his Infowars command bunker within the next 48 hours.

Here are some posts about it including a statement from Jones himself.





Apparently Jones has been attacking Israel for their genocide operations more frequently on his show.


It’s just unfortunate that he keeps bringing up Nazis in these discussions.


Despite all of that, I agree with Nick.


I obviously have many issues with Jones but I don’t believe his media operation should be closed by a Jewish communist government because of that bullshit Sandy Hook ruling. They literally claimed that he owed the Sandy Hook parents a billion dollars or whatever because his opinion hurt their feelings. From what I gather, the feds may claim that they can seize the assets of the Infowars command bunker because of this ruling.

Jones is right on a bunch of issues though. If he wasn’t, his operation wouldn’t have been targeted the way it has been. Even if I totally disagreed with him on everything, I would not support an American media operation being closed down over nonsense like this. That’s because I am a true free speech absolutist. Jewish media operations are a whole other topic of conversation because they act as subversive fifth columns for the benefit of world Jewry. Jews don’t believe in free speech any way. They only pretend to believe in it depending on the situation and how their interests are best served.

Either way, we’ll see what comes of all this. Jones could just be exaggerating the situation. We do not know if the feds are actually going to raid him and seize the assets in his command bunker. I would be surprised that he’d make such a big deal about this just for publicity sake though.

They just successfully convicted Donald Trump on bullshit charges so the ZOG system probably feels increasingly emboldened to take further measures against anyone they feel threatens them.

Regardless of what happens, I fully support Jones against this criminal ZOG system. I will support him despite the fact that he never supported my free speech when I got shut down back in 2017. Hopefully he now sees that this was a gross strategic error on his part. I’d also like for him to just call a spade a spade. The Jews are the ones primarily trying to silence him.

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