America: The Ongoing Slaughter

America: The Ongoing Slaughter

David Sims

IN 2019, there were 566 Black-on-White murders.

In that same year, there were 246 “White”-on-Black murders. Of the “White” perpetrators, 95 were really non-Whites that the FBI/DoJ misleadingly categorizes as Whites when counting crime offenders, hence the necessity to use quotation marks. So, in 2019, there were 151 White-on-Black murders.

In 2019, Whites were 60% of the US population and Blacks were 13.6% of the US population.

So, by this estimate, the average Black was 16.5 times more likely to murder a White person than the reverse, in the United States in 2019.

Since 1968, there have been 193,500 interracial murders crossing the Black/White line, of which 145,500 were Black-on-White (75.2%) and 48,000 were “White”-on-Black (24.8%).

Of the White victims, 35,000 were female (85.4% of female victims, or 24.1% of White victims).

Of the Black victims, 6,000 were female (14.6% of female victims, or 12.5% of Black victims).

In 1995 (the middle year of the range being considered), the US population included 32,322,125 Blacks and 205,573,348 “Whites.” Of the total of these two races, 13.6% were Black and 86.4% were “White.”

So, between 1968 and 2022 the average Black was 19.3 times more likely to kill a White person, as compared with the probability of a “White” person killing a Black.

“White” or “Whites” (which I put in quotation marks here only because of FBI miscategorization) includes Mestizos (sometimes misnamed “Latinos”) whom the FBI and the Department of Justice categorizes as White when they are assigning race to criminal offenders. When Mestizos are victims, they are given a separate category from Whites — very deceptive indeed.

So, to get the true White numbers, some speculation is necessary here. It seems probable that the US population in 1995 was only 72% White, when the Mestizos are excluded. Likewise, if one third of the “White”-on-Black murders were actually perpetrated by Mestizos, then the percentage of White-on-Black murders would be about 16%. That would make the true Black-to-White per capita rate ratio for the perpetration of interracial murders crossing the Black/White line 24.9 times.

(Data from FBIWikipediaDatahazard)

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