American Patriot Baked Alaska Is Going To Prison

American Patriot Baked Alaska Is Going To Prison

This is wrong. Baked Alaska Will Have His Revenge On Washington D.C.

Where are the heads of the mainstream journos that also went inside the capitol? They are going after Baked precisely because he has been a strong cultural figure in the Dissident right since the beginning.

Statement from Nick Fuentes on the situation from his Telegram:

What I love most about Baked Alaska is that even in the worst of circumstances, he never gives up.

I think people forget that he is one of the original influencers of the new Dissident Right Wing movement in America.

He was disinvited from Deploraball for saying that Jews control the media in 2016. He was at Charlottesville in 2017 and hosted debates on race realism and other subjects in 2018, just to mention a few things.

As we know, the political establishment vengefully seeks to destroy anybody who vocally and publicly opposes their agenda. Baked, like his contemporaries such as Andrew Anglin, Alex Jones, Gavin McInnes, Ricky Vaughn, et al, have all been systematically targeted for this.

Lives are crushed and destroyed under intense pressure from the government, banks, social media companies, and berserker activist groups.

Baked Alaska is going to jail while others pursue their “career” or live their lives unaffected by this war, because he was actually there on January 6th answering the call of the President. And now he’s paying the price. Remember why we’re here and what we’re fighting for. Never forget or trivialize the real sacrifices of the patriots who answer the call.

Baked Alaska has every reason to be resentful or bitter but he still has a heart of gold and faith in God. He inspires me.

Pray for Baked Alaska! He will make it through this and I’ll be there to celebrate with him when he’s out of prison.

All of us will take shit because of our opposition to ZOG. It’s only then when we find out who we truly are. Will you confront the flames or get snuffed out? Baked is confronting the flames, and for that he will be blessed.


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