Controlled Opposition John Doyle Attacks America First

Controlled Opposition John Doyle Attacks America First

This Jewish nerd is holding us back. After making thousands from staying kosher Doyle gets greedy and decides to attack Nick with everything on Kiwi Farms. It comes across as total resentment and jealousy. Nick is a leader where Doyle is a manager.

Doyle calling Fuentes a Nazi is a strong defense on why it’s always better to go harder and get edgier. He’s making “Christian Fascism” lame by defanging it from the onset. There is an argument that everyone has their place inside the AF movement and Doyle’s is to push people through the pipeline toward Nick. This would be fine (and was until now) but he obviously thinks he’s better than Nick. This happened with me. I started with John and felt his message was not enough. This led me to our new JFK. He’s just Nick without the pedigree or supporters, a perfect king! 

This nigger can’t stop defending women, won’t call out the Jews, and doesn’t believe in white power. He isn’t even a radical Christian nationalist really. Dorkle needs to get on board or switch careers. 


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