Anti-Semitism is Spreading Like Wildfire

Anti-Semitism is Spreading Like Wildfire

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Israel’s ongoing genocide operations in Gaza is causing anti-Semitism to rise significantly. People with fairly major followings who have said good things about certain issues but never really got into talking about the Jews are starting to talk about them.

Look at this recent post from Kim Dotcom.


He’s finally asking why Jews have been thrown out of so many countries throughout the course of history. Just a short time ago, such a discussion would be relegated to 4Chan, Gab or alt-tech sites.

Discussion about the Jews and the problems they have caused for the world is now a subject of mainstream political discourse around the world.

This is a public relations disaster of unimaginable proportions for the Jews. They were able to get away with their many crimes under the cover of their fake Holocaust event for many decades, but this genocide they’re doing in Gaza has ended all of that. It is kind of hard to whine about being the victims of a fake Holocaust event while you are committing a real life Holocaust.

I think it is very possible that we are seeing the beginning of the end for Israel and much bigger problems for the Jews in general.

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