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Dore. The Last Judgement and The New Jerusalem

And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened: and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works. –Revelations 20: 12

And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband. –Revelations 21: 2


live in a poor, white, small town. There are a large number of Trump signs in the town, and one Black Lives Matter and a Biden sign on a lawn of one of the more prosperous houses in town. That is pretty much how it breaks down in the countryside surrounding my town as well: the wealthy people who have ‘moved out’ are mostly Biden supporters while the poor whites with working farms are Trump supporters. About five miles down the road from our town is a larger more prosperous small town. In that town Biden supporters outnumber the Trump supporters by about 10 to 1, and it is always the more prosperous homes displaying Biden/Harris signs. The signs could be misleading though because I think there are many Trump supporters who are afraid to publicly declare their support for Trump. In that more prosperous town down the road, for instance, the main street in the town has a Democratic Party headquarters in public view with all the memorabilia and literature that goes with a presidential election, but there is no Republican Party headquarters anywhere to be seen. Not without some difficulty, I managed to get a Republican Party worker on the phone, and I asked him why there was no Republican headquarters in the town. His answer was quite revealing: “We’re afraid we’ll get a brick, or worse, through our window.” Now, I am not disputing that person’s assessment – he was undoubtedly correct — but why is it that the Republicans, particularly the Trump supporters, are the people who must fear the violence of the left? The demon-crats constantly cite the right-wing, white bogeymen who are going to come and get them, but in reality they have no fear of white bogeymen; they know that they, not the non-existent right-wing, wield the terrible swift sword. They, and they alone, have the right to use violence because they are the godded men and women building utopia over the bodies of ‘white racists.’

Writing in 1950 Herbert Butterfield pointed out that as the belief in original sin faded, the demonization of the opposing political party by the other political party would increase, because the feeling that we are all flawed, none are without sin, used to keep the two parties from proceeding toward open, violent warfare against an irredeemable enemy. Now the Republicans have a remnant of the old Christian ethos while the Democrats have none at all, so it is they, the demon-crats, who feel that any and all measures, even violent measures, are meritorious when used to defeat their Republican enemies.  Since they are without sin, they feel entitled to throw the first, second, third, and fourth stone, and the Molotov cocktails at their opponents. That is the reason that the demon-crats will be the victors in the upcoming Presidential election. If Trump wins the election, the demon-crats, through the courts, through the military, and through violence in the streets will not allow a Trump victory. On the other hand, if the demon-crats win, the Republicans will grumble and scream ‘fraud,’ but they will not mount a violent counterrevolution against the demon-crats. The classical liberals who want a little bit of Christianity in their liberal cocktail will always lose to the mad-dog liberals who prefer the straight atheist cocktail, because their fusion of liberalism and Christianity does not provide its adherents with the strength to stand up against the wickedness and snares of the devil’s own.

Thomas Molnar, the great Hungarian counterrevolutionary, always preferred to be called a man of the right rather than a conservative, because he saw that the conservatives were not conservative, they were classical liberals who wanted to preserve democracy, which was rooted in Jacobinism. The people of the West have still not come to terms with the horror of democracy. Robespierre was finally killed by his fellow Jacobins because they realized that even they were not pure enough to survive Robespierre’s cleansing of the Republic. But they never repudiated their attack on Christian France. Every single member of the post-Robespierre Directory had signed on to the assassination of the King. And every single European nation in their acceptance of democracy as the truth and the way has signed on to the death of Christian Europe. Every Christian counterrevolution, Forrest in the South, Franco in Spain, and Pinochet in Chile, has been anti-democratic. And that is what we must be, anti-democratic, if we really want to be Christian warriors instead of slaves of the Jacobin zealots and their allies in the ranks of Christian Jewry who make common cause with the Jacobins because they, like Belloc before them, denounce the antique Europeans as insufficiently Christian.

But how do those ‘insufficiently Christian’ men compare to our modern, enlightened Christians? They, the modern Christians, make a few pathetic protests about abortion and the excessive violence of the hard left while dutifully embracing the democratic ideals of liberty, equality, and fraternity. In contrast, the antique Europeans believed that Christ was greater than democracy, and they fought for His reign of charity rather than the rights of man. Vladimir Solovyov’s critique of Thomism, that it placed human reason above the revelation of Christ the Lord, should be our critique of democracy: it places a rational system of government above His reign of charity. When the newly appointed candidate to the Supreme Court tells us that she will place the Constitution of the United States above her faith, we can see the terrible results of placing man’s reason above God’s revelation to man through Jesus Christ. Reason is a whore; she will sleep with anyone she wants. The French Jacobins made a prostitute their Goddess of Reason.

Abstract reason is now ensconced in all the citadels of Europe while ‘the people’ have become the sacred negroes and the entire white race has become the aristocrats who must be exterminated. And strange as it seems, the poor whites have been most particularly singled out for extermination. The Antifa creatures from hell are the spawns of evil, “illuminated” whites from mostly upper middle-class families. So much for the Jacobin-Marxist lie that proclaims their revolutions are made against the rich in the name of the poor. It was the French peasantry that resisted the Jacobins, the Russian peasantry that resisted the Russian communists, and it is the dirt-poor whites who are looking to Trump to save them from poverty and the murderous savagery of the Antifa and Black Lives Matter barbarians.

We have come to a pass where hideous, demonic creatures – we cannot call them human – are allowed not only to live and breathe in our nation, but they are allowed to govern. There are demon-crats holding office in many of the states; two monstrous reptiles, Biden and Harris, have been given permission to run for office, and the followers of the demon-crats are allowed to own property and walk the streets of our anti-nation without fearing for their lives. Only a people who have embraced hell, an actual hell more hideous than the fictional hell described by Dante and illustrated by Dore, could stomach and permit the presence of liberals, for liberalism is truly the synthesis of Sodom and Gomorrah, Babylon, and the fleshpots of Egypt.

Most certainly there are some devout liberals in the Republican Party, and everyone who votes for Trump does not do so for good reasons, but that being said, it is within the ranks of Trump’s supporters that we must work to start the counterrevolution. Right now the white grazers are still too enamored of democracy to make a serious dent in liberalism. But once they see the terrible outcome of the upcoming democratic Armageddon, we must prepare them for the real Armageddon. The liberals must no longer be permitted to kill the unborn and exterminate the white race under the banners of democracy and the sacred negro. They must, in His name, be opposed by ancient hearts who believe in a Savior who is greater than the sacred negro.

Most Southern apologists during the Civil War and after it defended the premise that they, not the Yankees, were the true Constitutionalists. They were following the Constitution while their enemies were perverting it. Fitzhugh and Andrew Lytle were the exceptions to that line of thought. Both men saw the heretical nature of the U. S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, which placed documents conceived in the brains of rationalists above the traditional revelatory faith of the European people. Major James Innes Randolph, writing immediately after the Civil War, got it right:

I hates the Constitution,
This “great” republic too.
I hates the Freedman’s Buro,
In uniforms of blue.
I hates the nasty eagle,
With all his brags and fuss...
I hates the Yankees’ nation
And everything they do,
I hates the Declaration
Of Independence, too
I hates the glorious Union--
‘Tis dripping with our blood...

While that piece of doggerel lacks Shakespearean eloquence, it cuts to the heart of the matter. The American experiment in democracy was a utopian break from Christian Europe, predicated on the proposition that the wisdom of men is greater than the foolishness of God. And what has been the result of that experiment in democracy? A once-Christian people worship the sacred negro, and in the name of that sacred god they murder infants in the womb, celebrate every depravity known to man, and condemn all that is good, noble, and pure. “Let us make America great again.” When was America ever great? The European Southland was great, but has anyone in either party suggested we resurrect that civilization? We are reaping the bitter harvest of reason detached from a heart of flesh. If we recapture our ancient hearts, we will reject the unholy trinity of the modern liberals – Reason, the Sacred Negro, and Science – and we will start back on the long road to recovery. That road leads to a cross, but it also leads us to His Kingdom come, a far better place than the liberals’ hell on earth.

I was a teenager when the Manson murders occurred, the hideous torture-murders of Sharon Tate, her baby, and the women and men who shared the house with her. Before the murderers were discovered, ‘experts’ such as Truman Capote conjectured they had been done by one isolated psychopath. When it came out that highly educated upper-middle-class young women had done the murders at the behest of a white man who wanted to lead a black revolt against the white race, the white grazers turned all their faces away; they could not face the fact that reason, detached from the human heart, produces Satanic creatures from hell. There wasn’t supposed to be a hell in democracy. Now, we have millions of Charles Mansons, whites who place themselves, in their fantasies, at the head of black savages who will destroy the white race. And we have millions of creatures from hell – they are called demon-crats, Black Lives Matter, and Antifa – who are ready and willing to torture and murder white people just as the Manson clan tortured and murdered their victims.

The Black Lives Matter movement has revealed the horrible extent of the evil which has enveloped the white European nations. Hell is indeed empty and all the devils are here! A little bit of Christianity won’t save us. In fact, it is a little bit of Christianity that has left the democratic conservatives and the white grazers who support them naked to their enemies, because the democratic-conservatives have preserved politeness and civility, remnants of the Christian ethos, while the liberals have completely and whole-heartedly embraced Satan. (1) And Satan has no mercy, he does not have anything in his soul but hatred for Christ and the Christ-bearing race.  Politeness and civility divorced from the Dream of the Rood faith in Christ the Lord turns into cowardice in the face of the enemy. We need the whole armor of faith, a passionate unyielding faith in the God-Man Jesus Christ, if we are going to prevail against the onslaught of the devil. Instead of politeness and civility, instead of the democratic way, let us embrace that “charity of honor” and send the hellhounds – the demon-crats, the Antifa, and the BLMers — back to hell where they belong. +

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