Author’s Note on This Week’s Illness Revelations (Unconfirmed Rumors)

Author’s Note on This Week’s Illness Revelations (Unconfirmed Rumors)

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There was a Stormer quality lull. I’m not sure how long it lasted. Sometimes I want to say “since about 2018.” Though I’m maybe being unfair to myself with that. Regardless, it’s definitely over.

The Illness Revelations have entered their second week, and it is going to be a big week indeed. There is no way to predict its scale, as that will be based on energy levels, inspiration, revelation, and also, the possibility that I have several exhausting and time-consuming real life events this week.

I suspect that though the quality may be better, the actual quantity of total illness-related content will be lower this week.

The reader should be aware that I am categorizing illness-related articles in an illness category, where you can view all Illness Revelation related content. This is perhaps a liberal list, as there are official Illness Revelations, such as the state of loathing and fear known as “the Dread” being a natural part of human existence and not a mental problem that needs treatment (“The First Revelation”), the healthfulness of regular alcohol consumption, and my official and internally recognized status as the Supreme Leader of the Irish Race. There are also longish articles that are not specific revelations, but which fit under the umbrella of “The Illness Revelations,” as this work lives in the shadow of the revelations. The tag effectively means “post-illness non-filler material, minus long articles about geopolitics.” This is intended for ease of use as well as for posterity, as I do hope that a “Collected Works” from the Illness Revelations will be collected and edited and published at some point, either before or after my looming death consumes me once and for all.

Collection: Illness Revelations 

The list should also help people who are trying to follow this stuff get caught up. A lot of it is being published in the afternoon, and then pushed off the front page the following morning, which means that morning readers may miss it.

I know the feedback. I’ve seen the feedback. There has been no criticism, other than some snarky babies with Mommy Syndrome whining about how I shouldn’t tell my army of teenage boys and former teenage boys with whom I have a meaningful parasocial relationship that regular alcohol consumption is safe and healthy, which doesn’t count, because the internet right was never fully cured of Mommy Syndrome, despite my best efforts.

By all accounts, as of one week ago today, The Daily Stormer is on fire, and there is no end in sight, save my impending personal doom (looming death from a brain tumor).

Artificial Intelligence Apocalypse Week? Maybe. We’ll Just Have to See How This Flows

My intention was for there to be an AI theme this week, as that was one of the revelations. This contains a sociological concept which will have to be credited to me forever: “The Hermeneutics of AI Suspicion,” which refers to the way people analyze situations while they live in a constant state of confusion about whether or not what you are experiencing in the digital world and even beyond is being produced by AI.

I won’t blow my load now (whoa – ejaculation reference in this context – holy shit that is edgy), but the most obvious example of this is that at some point in the next two years, we will reach a place where there is no way to know whether or not the clip you are looking at on Twitter is actual video footage, or an AI production. Again, I don’t want to have to change my pants (OMG is that a second ejaculation reference in one paragraph?? In this context?? I need to be careful or I’m gonna cut myself), but “Hermeneutics” usually means “a method for interpreting the Bible,” but it has also been applied to any literary analysis, and any analysis. In this AI future which is really already here, everything has to be analyzed under the suspicion that it could be AI. I experienced this recently when listening to the new Blink 182 album. I am certain that this was entirely written and produced by AI.

Keeping an Irregular House is Table Stakes for a Period of Aggressive Personal Inspiration

We’re off to another late start.

My sleep schedule has always been a disaster, and I’m forced to operate on an unnatural schedule due to when things get published on the site. But since the revelation, things have been out of control. I’ve been staying up way late writing, then sometimes forced to get up by real life events. This is pretty normal for creative work, however. You can read about it. When you’re really in the flow, riding the lightning, you can just say “if this coffee doesn’t work, I’m popping a BANG!, because I’ve got to get this out.”

I will say: I have not been using Adderall. I’ve never used it while writing the Stormer, but I was prescribed it in my late teen years (I don’t think it caused any brain damage and if it did it was the good brain damage), and it led to psychosis. I know college kids use it to cram and so on, and I’m neither going to endorse this nor condemn it as junkie behavior (because it’s not), but I’ve steered clear of it since it caused some serious problems in my youth (I got to the point where people were constantly accusing me of being on hard drugs).

I will admit that I have used pre-workout when I was not planning to work out, and will also admit to being the pioneering inventor of “Ivan Pre-Workout,” a mixed drink that is produced by dumping a scoop of pre-workout into a triple shot of Russian Standard Vodka, shaking it, and adding an abundant amount of ice. It’s served in a mug, and intended to be consumed while working, specifically while working on the Daily Stormer website. However, that drink has not been included yet. It’s been coffee, BANG!, and White Monster. (By the way, I do not endorse or encourage drinking energy drinks at all, let alone to purposefully manipulate your sleep schedule. This is not healthy behavior, and should only be done when absolutely necessary. But one of my favorite phrases, alongside “things are tough all over,” is “a man does what he has to.” This is not an excuse for sin, but it is an excuse for temporarily behaving in a way that would not typically be considered responsible. It could also include a lot of other, much more extreme things.)

The Departed is going to be referenced so many times, it’s basically a requisite part of the Daily Stormer Multimedia Experience at this point. I’m writing a spoilers-containing review soon, so if you haven’t seen it, get on that immediately.

Furthermore, the Irish thing is not a joke. Well, obviously some parts of it were. But I do legitimately now bear the burden as the official literary figure and spokesman of the Irish. I think I might have inherited it when Cormack McCarthy, that scumsucking filth-monger, made his final plunge into Hell.

Maybe this is some mantle that he had stolen using some Santeria blood ritual, and it has now been restored to a true Irishman who fights for Jesus, Mary, and the Motherland.

Today, Oh, Today

I will have a piece today about Islam, the Koran, and Islamo-European relations. This is not an official Illness Revelation, but there is overlap between the Illness Revelations and the war, and I think this is an important understanding put forward in the Age of the Illness. I do not believe I’ve said these things before. In fact, I think I was overly negative towards Islam, due to history (wars) and the immigration issue. Now I think it is the time for inter-cultural understanding.

The article will not include the word nigger, or allusions to filthying one’s pants with premature ejaculation. I’m actually hoping someone translates it into Arabic (which is not some outrageous expectation – 3-4% of the readership is in the Middle East).

There will probably not be any Illness Revelations today, but perhaps this week will be AI themed, rather than personally themed. The Illness Revelations contained a series of clear conversations that did not occur, which I have notes on, as well as symbolism, which I do not fully understand yet. Much of the symbolism is personal, relating to my maternal grandfather in particular. Some of that, like the Irishness revelation, can be published now, and some of it is private. I maintain a clear line of privacy, because although you, dear reader, are a personal parasocial friend who is deeply beloved by me (and I do mean you, specifically, [INSERT YOUR NAME]), and we have a kinship that would allow me to share deeply personal matters with you, we are of course communicating on a public medium, and there are some matters that I do not want to share with non-friends, who can access this website.

On some level, I would not be opposed to simply listing off everything I’ve ever done and every single thought I’ve ever had. This would be brutally shocking and disgusting, not because I am a particularly sick individual, but simply because no one has ever done that before. I’ve done various things that no one has ever done before in my writing, and it feels like this could be one of them. However, this would violate the most basic decorum, may actually be too edgy for the edgiest website ever, and, more importantly, my personal life has involved other people (who are still alive) who would be victimized by this.

I think the “amount I’m willing to share about myself in the pursuit of my deeply personal art” has moved a little bit through this process. But I have a clear sense of that movement, and where the line was and now is. This is relevant because I am constantly having to organize materials along these lines, and I am also recording personal matters for myself and potentially for posthumous publication.

The purpose of the personal stuff is not vanity (well, maybe a little – anyone who uses the word “frankly” this much has a duty to be frank with himself), but that we’ve all experienced and continue to experience certain personal things that none of us talk about. For me, “revealing deeply personal things in order to allow other men to understand they are not alone” has started to look a lot like an extension of “saying things every man wants to say but won’t in order to empower other men.” However, there are limits on that front which I am metaphysically compelled to respect.

While there are remote metaphysical limits, there are no brakes – metaphysical or otherwise.

There is no need to keep your hands inside the car. You can even flap them around. It doesn’t matter, because I’m such a good driver.

You can trust me.

I’ve got this.

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