White Pill Disposition

White Pill Disposition

Recently Andrew Tate has been mocking white right wingers for their discourse on demographic change. This is very typical for Tate, Sneako, and others like them- pick and choose when to moralize or play the victim. Relate to insecure and downtrodden men by telling them how messed up everything is, then beat them over the head with “be a man” indignation. The whole thing is a self indulgent swamp. But hearing what Tate said relates to other thoughts I’ve been having for a while now about the demographic change discourse, and political end goals in general. He points out that it would be impossible to deport millions of nonwhite people from white countries and they’re better off just having more white babies. “Just have more babies” has been the recommended solution from a lot of different figures. 

Is politics a war of population numbers? Realizing the reality of demographic change can take extremely horrifying dimensions- the idea that your entire history, culture, way of valuing the world, your perception of reality itself can all disappear forever and be replaced by a completely alien reality. This is human nature at its most brutal and crude Darwinian form. A Malthusian war of all against all. Competing groups of replicators mindlessly trying to wipe each other out endlessly for all of time. Slaves to their genes. Human beings look more like termites from such a perspective. 

These things always bring to mind the Melian dialogue from Thucydides’ History of the Peloponnesian War. It was Athens vs Sparta and Athens needed the island of Melos for strategic purposes. The people of Melos wanted to remain neutral but Athens told them to join their side or get wiped out. For the sake of honor they refused. The Athenians beheaded every man, enslaved every woman and child, and brought in Athenian settlers to replace them. This is a brutal historical instance of total genetic replacement. They were not even a threat to the Athenians- they were just in the way. Out of this reality we develop our instincts for war, tribalism, and fear of the outsider. 

In the ancient world, politics was total war. The more steps you take to become politically dominant puts you, your family, and your caste more at risk of attack. However, this instant of total genetic replacement seems to be a rare extreme. The Pharaohs or the Romans didn’t want to kill the populations they conquered and replace them with their genetic group. Within their strategy, evolution/ gene replication isn’t about out-numbering, but about maintaining a caste through political power. Thus, it’s not simply a matter of “having babies”- it’s about having babies born into a special privilege. Not merely reproducing, but reproducing a specific kind of life. A dignified kind of life that justifies life itself. A step out of the chaotic animal masses. It does serve an evolutionary purpose by allowing elite men to have their pick of the women and having lots of kids, forcing the very bottom to die off. But ultimately every caste dies off or becomes decadent and dilutes into the main population, like the old English nobility.     

If a noble caste becomes diluted and disappears but they still pass their genes on to the population in a significant way, you can argue that it is still a win from a certain perspective. You still get to survive and reproduce as part of the mob. This leads to a third kind of strategy-  maintaining a caste that operates and replicates itself over the generations and doesn’t depend on successful political conditions. A group identity that can be transmitted between slaves and nobles and everything else in between. This is the power of the globalist Jewish cosmopolitan strategy. They maintain their sense of elitism and group importance without raising an army and becoming a political threat. They go where it’s safe, take what they can, and tactically retreat when it gets too hot. By doing this they constantly subject themselves to the possibility of extermination, but even when this happens they are protected from total defeat because of their presence around the world. This paradox has been discussed by many thinkers. If they assimilate, they die as a group. If they don’t assimilate they become politically oppressed, which mobilizes them and reinforces their group identity.

People fear this power and unironically start to fantasize about a “final solution”. When faced with a difficult political threat our instinct is to get angry and attack it, regardless of the actual political consequences. It leads to a very pessimistic and frustrated attitude among young (mostly lower IQ) white men. Aryans are often simple, direct, honorable, straight forward. They don’t want to play a drawn out, multi generation battle of ideas and money, or “baby making”. 

There is something major that they are missing here- the fact that Jews are also trapped by this system and can never have real political victory in the traditional way. They can never genetically compete with the gentiles. Gentiles will always be there to live, reproduce, and politically mobilize with relative comfort for the rest of time. Even when they get gentiles to wipe each other out it doesn’t work- look how quickly Germany recovered after WW2 despite all the destruction. The genes are still there. They still get passed on, and the population is higher than ever. The Germans (theoretically) could wipe out all the Jews and in response, the Jews can only pacify them- which just leads to a period of stability and a baby boom. They’re currently attempting strategy #2- to just exist as elites above the gentiles. But even this is so limited compared to what ancient castes did. They constantly get stuck in the hypocritical position they’re in now where they can’t help but do obnoxious things that cause people to mobilize against them. The more they be themselves and become less assimilated, the more power they lose. 

In Twilight of the Idols Nietzsche writes “As to the famous ‘struggle for existence,’ it seems to me, for the present, to be more of an assumption than a fact. It does occur, but as an exception. The general condition of life is not one of want or famine, but rather of riches, of lavish luxuriance, and even of absurd prodigality,—where there is a struggle, it is a struggle for power. We should not confound Malthus with nature.” When we approach politics we still have a Malthusian mindset. We feel a degree of existential political tension that we bring on ourselves. It’s easy to succumb to the hysteria and fear and to feel like you are in a struggle for survival. Right wingers were quick to criticize Steven Pinker’s narrative that he lays out in The Better Angles of Our Nature: everything is getting better all the time. Less war, poverty, disease, crime, mental health problems, etc. across the board. I think he’s generally right about this. Our time is different from the past, which was already so different from the deep past. We are waging a war that is very different from how our ancestors approached these problems. In other words- we are safe. We can live, have babies, and do what we want indefinitely with relative comfort. People who think the world is going to collapse because of the “Biden economy” are lost in their emotions. 

This can all be applied to the demographics change discourse. Right now the entire world is mob. Bringing in more immigrants just adds to the mob. Yes, they will act up and cause problems at first but eventually they will be neutralized by social planners and the taming herd. Every time crime gets out of control or a race becomes too collective and anti white, there is a backlash that curtails it and life goes on. Maintaining a herd is not a difficult thing. Because of this, the best thing that petty ethno-nationalists have to offer is a slightly more white identifying form of mob, and maybe not even that. 

This leads us to two different narratives about the world and politics. 

Narrative #1: Whites are on the brink of extinction. We’re going to get out-populated soon. All of our political institutions are infiltrated by people who are hostile toward us and will kill or enslave us soon. We need to have lots of babies, be super disciplined, and out compete the out-group no matter what. We have to get organized and be super scared and serious. We need to scream and moralize about how mass migration is destroying our culture. We need to make lots of money, get super involved in politics, and be in constant reaction to our enemies. 

Narrative #2: The world is full of riches, lavish luxuriance, and absurd prodigality. Everyone is safe in the herd. There is no “politics” anymore. There is only property rights and contracts. Nobody has the will to power. Nobody has the wherewithal to even create values that lead to something beyond the mob and beyond reaction. “Making babies” doesn’t matter. Electoral politics doesn’t matter. We have a new opportunity and freedom like never before. We can choose to make things harder for ourselves. We can step out of the mob and create a new caste. Good Europeans consciously choosing to maximize themselves, go down the deepest labyrinths, live amid the coldest ice. Not as autonomous slaves to political reality, but as egoistic actors who possess the delicate taste and wherewithal to bring humanity forward and justify life itself. 

Nietzsche says in Ecce Homo, “Never have I eaten with more pleasant sensations, never has my sleep been better. I know of no other manner of dealing with great tasks, than as play: this, as a sign of greatness, is an essential prerequisite. The slightest constraint, a somber mien, any hard accent in the voice—all these things are objections to a man, but how much more to his work!” Is it naive to think this way? All great, creative men thought this way. The real danger lies in the paranoia, fear, and reactivity of white men. In a black pilled, pessimistic state, one can never develop, build, or spontaneously create. I can only speak for myself and my white pilled disposition. A month of treating the world as a game can lead to more results than decades of moralizing self seriousness. Hysteria and emotion belongs to the subterranean world of pea brained creeps like Andrew Tate who don’t even possess the capacity to create values for the future. 

Our genes need to propagate- we should develop good families that will pass on the torch. We need good careers and ought to achieve positions of power. But all of these things become easy afterthoughts for one who is energized with the right spirit. We require a Dionysian fire that is prepared to commit to the most difficult tasks, deepest labyrinths, and hardest problems, all for the fun of it- as play. And what else is there? It is either that or the herd. 


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