Cruel Summer

Cruel Summer

Can you stand the heat?

From NBC:

A jury on Friday found former Donald Trump adviser Steve Bannon guilty on two counts of contempt of Congress for blowing off the House Jan. 6 committee.

The jury returned the verdict after deliberating for less than three hours in what prosecutors presented as a straightforward case.

“This case is not complicated, but it is important,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Molly Gaston told jurors during closing arguments on Friday. She argued that Bannon “did not want to recognize Congress’ authority” or play by the government’s rules.

Bannon’s sentencing is scheduled for Oct. 21 when he will face a mandatory minimum prison sentence of 30 days and up to one year behind bars. He could also be fined $100 to $100,000. He is expected to appeal.

This year we’ve had the Charlottesville trial, Rick Vaughn’s court case, and this Jan. 6 committee. The government will bury you if you spit in their face. You might not even make a headline. You’ll be in jail for posting online and only a handful of anons will remember. Just do what is right. Chasing money, fame, or bitches (in this sphere in particular) will not end as well as you might hope.

From USA Today:

Intense summer heat is in full swing across the U.S. and many are in for another round of sweltering temperatures this weekend. 

The forecast: “Oppressive and extreme summer heat will produce dangerous conditions through the weekend for multiple locations across the U.S., especially in the northeastern U.S.,” the National Weather Service said Friday.

Who is affected: The excessive heat warnings stretch from the East Coast to Southwest, affecting more than 85 million Americans on Friday, the Weather Service said.

The extreme, “stifling” heat is forecast to extend through the weekend, the Weather Service said, all the way from the desert Southwest to the Northeast.